Annual treat: 18,000 pounds of Copper River salmon hit town!

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SEATTLE — The first, delicious shipment of the famed Copper River Alaska Salmon was flown into Seattle Friday morning.

An Alaskan Air Cargo plane landed on the tarmac with 18,000 pounds of fish early Friday morning. 

The salmon, which hails from the Copper River in Cordova, Ak., is considered the best salmon available on the market. The Copper River’s size — it’s  one of the largest rivers in the world — and its cold waters, are what contribute to the salmon’s unique taste.

Runs were down in 2014, meaning Copper River salmon prices will rise across the state.

Following the arrival of the ceremonial first fish, some of Seattle’s top executive chefs will compete for the best salmon recipe in the third annual “Copper Chef Cook-off.” The dishes were judged by celebratory judges Steven Hauschka, Jay Buhner and Ben Miniccui.

Salmon1Head to your local supermarket to pick up the delicious fish.


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1 Comment

  • K. Heinz

    Best Salmon on the market? Columbia River Spring Chinook is the true best available, local, and first returning salmon on the west coast. Same long journey, same high omega 3's, half the price. Copper River Chinook = great marketing ploy only to rape your pocket book! Caught freezer full already from our big "C" and laugh at hose of you that follow this BS. Wonder why the local chefs aren't capitalizing on our great local commercially caught fish, the true best.