CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cat saves little boy from vicious dog attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
cat rescue

YouTube screen capture

BAKERSFIELD, Ca — A California man posted video from a home surveillance system that shows a little boy first being attacked by a dog and then being saved by a cat.

The man, Roger Triantafilo of Bakersfield, posted the video on YouTube Wednesday morning and in the caption wrote:

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!”




ABC23 in Bakersfield spoke with the boy’s mother, Erika Triantafilo, who said the boy needed a few stitches but was OK.

The TV station also reported that the dog belonged to a neighbor. reported that  the dog was picked up  by animal control and officials have decided to euthanize the animal.


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  • cheyenne

    First off is so glad your boy is ok and it wasnt any worse. Secondly, your cay is a hero and amazing! Thank god your cat was watching out for your boy! Wow…

  • Dee

    Who lets a dog that randomly bites run the streets? If it's a stray it needs to be picked up. If it has an owner they need to pay the medical bills and get rid of the dog. Jeez!!! That dog wasn't fooling around – he went deep!

  • SumDumGai

    this is why i love cats even though i am deathly allergic to them…the pain i go through when my face swells and my lungs collapse is so worth their love <3

  • To Guest

    It's not staged. They had multiple cameras set up around the property and edited the footage together to create a timeline… It makes the action easier to follow rather than watching the first angle, then watching the second angle, then watching the third angle, etc… It's an easier to follow narrative.

  • Tasha

    @Guest, how is that staged? This is recorded footage where it has been clipped for times sake viewing 3 different angles.

  • i2aincloud

    Staged?! No. Obviously not. Two things bother me about this video.

    1:The woman running off and leaving the kid behind.

    2:That dog doesn’t strike me as a stray. It saw that kid and went straight for him. His body language speaks of ill intent. In my experience strays are more likely to flee rathrr then charge at someone who isnt even aware of them. If this dog is owned the owner needs to be dealt with for letting their obviously vicious animal out.

  • sharylove

    I was bothered by the mom leaving, too. My guess is she went to grab a phone. As she left the kid probably got scared and ran after her. I don't think it was intended as a selfish act.

    • Nicki

      I know I would have picked my child up and had gone in the house, then called the cops. Soon after statements were taking, gone to the hospital to get my son stitches. Once I had returned home that dog would not want me to find him/her first. As for the cat I would love him/her that much more.

    • Jeanine

      Cats are territorial, and are just as possessive of their humans as they are their ''turf.'' In the cat's mind, the boy belonged to HIM, and someone was messing with HIS human. My cat stands "guard" at the window and will hiss and growl when a stranger approaches, and it doesn't matter if that "stranger" is a human or another animal. In her mind, she's protecting HER house and HER humans and she doesn't like to share.

  • froggywoman

    Wow, that cat loves that little boy and sure is a faithful companion. It bore its full weight to push that dog out of the way. Amazing! The owner of that dog needs to be held fully responsible for the boys medical bills and I rarely say this, but given that the dog attacked the boy so viciously with zero provocation, that is a bad and dangerous dog that needs to be put to sleep.

  • Joel

    Awesome!! That cat kicked butt. Again, echoing others, where was the owner or was there one? No tags on the dog. And, by the way, it's not a pit bull, just a mutt that needed a butt-whooping that was provided by the cat. I'm glad the kid is not more injured than what he might have been.

  • Mark S.

    PART of this story is the number of "HATERS" that want this to be staged or fake..and wouldnt understand a multi-camera/angle timeline.. if their life depended on it.. :( ….As part of the owners punishment.. they TOO should have.. beef..and pork rubbed on their body.. then let their own dog SAVAGELY BITE THEM.. proportionally by weight.. so.. lil boy=40 pounds = 5 seconds of attack?.. Owner = 200 pounds (each? ).. dog gets.. 25second field day.. on owners.. first.. JUST so they get a taste (sorry for the pun) .. of the pain that lil lad went through.. (and im sure.. nightmares for years to come) .. then be forced to pay for the family's medical bills.. and to have that mongrel put down..TOTALLY un-provoked.. and un-necessary.. -this attack didn't have to happen and im certain.. most counties.. cities.. states.. have leash laws.. :( careless.. irresponsible.. and selfish owners.. .. as for the mom leaving.. running for phone? first aid kit.. – get a broom? to swing at dog if it returns? we don't have the answers.. but don't be hating on the mother either. we all re-act differently to stress? …me.. STUPIDLY.. would have thrown myself AT the Dog as well.. and probably would have got bitten TOO.. but thats me.. by the time i would have pried Kujo's Jaws off my leg/forearm.. i would have beaten's its scalp into the driveway but left enough for the county vet to run rabies tests on.. CATS can be HERO's TOO :) well done "Fluffy"..

  • EClark

    I really like this video alot, i sent to others, i always thought cats are lazy, and always want attention, then when you do give it them they swat at you! But i do look at cats differently now :) i have a 3 and 5 year old..and if this happened i would want my athena to do that :) love

  • Sarah

    I have some issues with this video …..

    1st – what kind of mother leaves her child and runs off after he was attacked by a dog ??
    2nd- That was no stray , that dog seemed to have no fear as a stray would of humans..
    3rd – the owner of the dog , should have to be attacked by a dog to see what their actions caused

    Things I am glad for about this …

    1st – The child was not injured further.
    2nd – amazing hero cat …

  • theaccidentalhomemaker

    Mom probably went to call 911. Stop judging. You don't know what you'dve done given the same circumstance.

    I have always been partial to cats. That dog needs to be put down. I suppose if they try that, all the animal lovers will come out full force and say how horrible it is to put the poor, misunderstood doggie down.

    • Eunolena

      Yes, the judging of some people is really quite something. As if someone can conclude that this is a bad mother based on the five seconds shown. If it's even the mother.

  • colleenfranzoia

    When I was very young, a dog wandered into our yard and our cat ran after the dog, jumped on his back and rode him down the street like a jockey; his ears were laid-back and he was raking the dog with his back feet.

  • Dog's best friend

    This needs to be investigated further, Was that child provoking the dog before footage started rolling? Neighborhood kids used to stand at my fence all the time and tease my dog. Luckily my dog didn't get out and get one of em. The kid quite possibly could have been provoking that dog every day, and this dog got his chance for revenge. That cat is a boss though, one tough kitty. Cats can be just as loyal as dogs.

    • Amethyst

      At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. The dog viciously attacked the child. The owner can't use provocation as a defense for the dog's behavior. Thank goodness. I was raised around dogs and am a current dog owner. If a non-vicious dog is teased (different than abuse) then he will simply walk away. A dog that attacks based on teasing by children is a dog that is unsafe.

    • ᙓᔕᙅO

      It does need to be investigated further.
      Who's the owner?
      Why did that dog get out?
      What was the fencing like that contained the dog?
      Who may have left the gate open allowing it to prowl around?
      Who's paying the medical bills?

    • Marga Diaz

      Or worse maybe this animal just attacks children where there are animals out there who hate cars or children that they become unpredictable at times. But you are correct they do need to investigate this especially this family needed video surveillance at their homes say something was going on in that neighborhood.

    • Vlerps

      “Dogs best friend”, so if the little guy was teasing the dog, he deserves to get bitten?!!! You probably have no children, only animals that you treat like humans and refer to them as your “kids”!!

  • Marga Diaz

    That cat was amazing and so intelligent that it came back to the child and mother to protect them from any further harm. The mother did what any person does when something tragic like this happens they go for the phone to call 911 or get the keys to rush that child to the hospital! That dog I am sad to say was put down but the owner should have known that this animal was vicious because this was not the first but last time he will attack a child again! Shame on that neighbor!

  • Noneofyoutbusiness

    Who leaves their child outside unwatched?? That dog did not deserve to die. It is an animal, it does not know better. They can be unpredictable, it does not mean they purposely cause harm. RIP pup. And I hope karma bites animal control in the ass.

    • froggywoman

      That child was on his bike minding his own business. The dog attacked him for NO REASON and totally unprovoked. The way that dog was mauling that child, he would have been dead if it weren't for that cat. The owner of that dog should consider themselves darn lucky that the last time the dog attacked as well as this time, nobody was killed. Maybe the dog didn't have to die if it had been properly fenced. The fact that the dog attacked before tells me the owner is irresponsible and honestly should NEVER be allowed another pet.

  • LOO

    It is foolish to pass judgment without knowing the entire story. The kid's, the dog's and the truth. The dog can't talk, the cameras only capture the moment and the kid looks to young to understand. If it is a stray, he/she would be euthanized anyway, regardless of the attack. Hundreds of animals are euthanized daily just because..either the owners can't keep them, they get old, the kid goes away to collage and leaves the dog behind, the dog is no longer cute and tiny, they can't afford to feed, etc. etc. So euthanize go the dog doesn't solve the big problem, just this event. Just look at our justice system, where murderers, rapist, pediphiles get a trial, and even if they are guilty, they get to live in an air conditioned cell with daily meals. Ugh! I am glad the boy is okay but…we all really need to analyze this a bit closer before jumping to conclusions.

  • rhonda

    It seems to me that the dog already had it in his mind he was seeking the boy out. He must have had a scent on him from another animal that the dog didn't like. It's weird how the dog went to seek him out. I also thought it was crazy she didn't pick her boy up and run, but then again, I probably would have chased after that damn dog, too. lol.

    • Mace Owner

      Yo dude it was obviously a bull terrier mix and should be put down with criminal charges against irresponsible owners.

  • Scott K

    So glad the young man is OK, especially if those are his wounds shown later, YIKES! Not to be all "lawyer" about it, but, there is no "one free bite" in CA anymore. Whoever allowed this dog to roam off leash like this is completely responsible for the damage done and/or his/her homeowner's policy needs to pay for the permanent scars created.

  • Abe

    If she was actually that worried about him why did she run in the house and leave him behind…I feel sorry for that kid

  • Vlerps

    An animals life is NOT more important than a humans!!! That dog DID deserve TO DIE!!! Otherwise, what happens next time it goes after a child and nobody (or a heroic cat) is around to stop it???!!!

  • Stormie

    Why did the parent just walk away at the end and let the little boy get up and walk by himself to what I'm assuming is the house with such bad wounds, what if the dog had come back after him ? Good thing the cat was there but I don't understand why the parent walked away and didn't not pick th
    e child up.

  • jessica

    Wow im now in love with kitty cats :) despite them spraying all over the house or when a female goes into heat n cries n cries n cries to be let out lol yay super cat..

  • jessica

    Yay in digging cats again..:) even though they spray all over ur house (the males) n the (females) cry n cry n cry to be let out when .theyre in heat!! Other then that super cat. I’venever known. a Cat to be so heroic like that! Amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    There is no way that much damage was done to the boy. If you watch it closely he grabs the boy’s leg & the cat chases him off. He doesn’t even get his stomach. And, who knows if the boy doesn’t taunt the dog everyday. I don’t buy it.

  • ohio

    I love how everyone is asking how the lady left the kid……well let’s think about this….anyone first reaction will be to get to the kid after which point you will do one of two things. 1 pick the kid up and run inside or 2 make sure the dog isn’t coming back then get the kid help. The video cuts off to soon but any woman that runs to a child being attacked isn’t selfish and has the kids well being the only thing on her mind… for the cat awsome kitty. A real hero.

  • Genevieve Cancel

    Has anyone notice the mist shoots through the right side of the tree before the cat comes out? I think it's the boy guardian angel :)