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Gov. Inslee on climate change warnings for Washington state

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
A man walks along the dried-up the banks

A man walks along the dried-up the banks of the river.

OLYMPIA — Seasonal water patterns in the Pacific Northwest are changing drastically because of climate change, a U.S. National Climate Assessment report said, impacting the region’s flora, fauna and ecosystems.

The Obama administration released the third U.S. National Climate Assessment Tuesday, one of the nation’s most comprehensive list of the scientific assessment of climate change. The report was separated into each region, and underscored the need for “urgent action” in all areas of the country, because climate change was no longer a mode of the future, but in present day.

“Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” the National Climate Assessment said, adding that the evidence of man-made climate change “continues to strengthen” and that “impacts are increasing across the country.” 

The report released these climate change assessments for Washington:

  • Climate: “Temperatures increased across the region from 1895 to 2011, with a regionally averaged warming of about 1.3°F. While precipitation has generally increased, trends are small as compared to natural variability.” (NCA Ch. 21: Northwest)
  • Fisheries and freshwater species: “Region-wide summer temperature increases and, in certain basins, increased river flooding and winter flows and decreased summer flows, will threaten many freshwater species, particularly salmon, steelhead, and trout.Rising temperatures will increase disease and/or mortality in several iconic salmon species, especially for spring/summer Chinook and sockeye in the interior Columbia and Snake River basins.” (NCA Ch. 21: Northwest)
  • Water: “Hydrologic response to climate change will depend upon the dominant form of precipitation in a particular watershed, as well as other local characteristics including elevation, aspect, geology, vegetation, and changing land use.The largest responses are expected to occur in basins with significant snow accumulation, where warming increases winter flows and advances the timing of spring melt.By 2050, snowmelt is projected to shift three to four weeks earlier than the 20th century average, and summer flows are projected to be substantially lower, even for an emissions scenario that assumes substantial emissions reductions (B1).” (NCA Ch. 21: Northwest
  • Forests: “Climate change will alter Northwest forests by increasing wildfire risk and insect and tree disease outbreaks, and by forcing longer-term shifts in forest types and species. Many impacts will be driven by water deficits, which increase tree stress and mortality, tree vulnerability to insects, and fuel flammability. The cumulative effects of disturbance – and possibly interactions between insects and fires – will cause the greatest changes in Northwest forests.” (NCA Ch. 21: Northwest)

The report also released ideas for combating carbon pollution in Washington, such as investing in clean energy and improving efficiency, continuing with the president and governor’s plan of action.

Not just specific for the Northwest, the report claimed in the densely populated Northeast, flooded rail lines and other infrastructure are named as a concern if sea levels rise. The Great Plains could experience heavier droughts and heat waves with increasing frequency. And more wildfires in the West could threaten agriculture and residential communities.




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  • Joe

    They never stop lying do they? Just like the Health Care lies, more lies and more lies, the boogie man, democrats will save you from their boogie man.

  • The World is Ending

    Dose anyone ever stop to think that the fact that the population of the world is 7,000,000,000? That is a significant amount of CO2 from breathing alone science can be a double edge sword, more babies are surviving and people are living longer and that takes resources.

    • Joe

      Close the borders and enforce the laws, then America will not have to suffer over population and pave over more land to build schools, parking lots, houses, roads and more places to put, feed, house and medicate all those people causing Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Impact.

    • Alice

      It’s really depressing for me to see so many people repeat a mantra and don’t give it nary a thought back to their 4th grade science. Co2 is part of the circle of life on this planet. Without, we would not live. I’m not sure from your comment if you’re more worried about Co2 or people taking more resources. Are you one of those environmentalists that would like to see genocide murder up to 90 percent of our population?
      Regarding C02:
      I have planted tropical fish tanks. If the balance is not near perfect in the tank, C02 need to be bought or the plants will not survive. Amazon sells them:


      “Without CO2 the life of photosynthetic organisms and animals would be impossible, given that CO2 provides the basis for the synthesis of organic compounds that provide nutrients for plants and animals.”

      “‘Global warming’ is rubbish says top professor”

      ““The theory is that the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is the ‘greenhouse gas’ causes ‘global warming’ – in fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is is 20 time more of it in our atmosphere (around one per cent of the atmosphere) whereas CO2 is only 0.04 per cent. “There is no reproducible scientific evidence CO2 has significantly increased in the last 100 years.”

      “Global Warming? No, Satellites Show Carbon Dioxide Is Causing 'Global Greening'”

      “Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are bolstering plant life throughout the world, environmental scientists report in a newly published peer-reviewed study. The findings, published in Geophysical Research Letters, are gleaned from satellite measurements of global plant life, and contradict assertions by activists that global warming is causing deserts to expand, along with devastating droughts.”

      “Why would labeling CO2 as a pollutant be such a catastrophic decision?”

      “Claims that CO2 is a pollutant are a myth and are absolutely false. In fact, lowering levels of carbon dioxide would actually inhibit plant growth and food production. What we see happening in Washington right now is the replacement of politics for science in conversations about CO2.”

  • Alice

    LOL, I remember back to when the fear mongering was that we were headed into an ice age. It then, turned into ‘global warming’. Since so many scientists are now defecting and refuting the entire scam, they’ve turned it into ‘climate change’. (oh… the dread) Hate to break it to the alarmists, but the climate has been changing since the earth was created. Read what these scientists have to say about ‘climate change’:

    “‘Global warming’ is rubbish says top professor”

    This sums it all up in a nutshell:

    “He doesn’t believe in ‘global warming’ and says ‘climate change’ is a meaningless term used as a sop by big business to create money. Neil hudson met prof les woodcock”

    ““The term ‘climate change’ is meaningless. The Earth’s climate has been changing since time immemorial, that is since the Earth was formed 1,000 million years ago. The theory of ‘man-made climate change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis [about] our climate [which says it] has been adversely affected by the burning of fossil fuels in the last 100 years, causing the average temperature on the earth’s surface to increase very slightly but with disastrous environmental consequences.

    “The theory is that the CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is the ‘greenhouse gas’ causes ‘global warming’ – in fact, water is a much more powerful greenhouse gas and there is is 20 time more of it in our atmosphere (around one per cent of the atmosphere) whereas CO2 is only 0.04 per cent.

    “There is no reproducible scientific evidence CO2 has significantly increased in the last 100 years.

    “Anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean anything in science, its not significant.

    “Events can happen with frequencies on all time scales in the physics of a chaotic system such as the weather. Any point on lowland can flood up to a certain level on all time scales from one month to millions of years and its completely unpredictable beyond around five days.”

    “Global warming: second thoughts of an environmentalist”

    “For many years, I was an active supporter of the IPCC and its CO2 theory. Recent experience with the UN's climate panel, however, forced me to reassess my position. In February 2010, I was invited as a reviewer for the IPCC report on renewable energy. I realised that the drafting of the report was done in anything but a scientific manner. The report was littered with errors and a member of Greenpeace edited the final version. These developments shocked me. I thought, if such things can happen in this report, then they might happen in other IPCC reports too.”

  • jazzy

    head in sand… typical misinformed Fox viewers.

    Sadly we will probably see the demise of a billion dollar fish and shell fish industry in Washington. But Fox viewers will blame it on the black guy.