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REALLY? Justin Bieber joins Russell Wilson for church in Seattle


SEATTLE — The Biebs was in Seattle recently, and not to belt out a couple of pop hits to his legions of tween fans.

According to a tweet sent out by Justin Bieber, he joined Russell Wilson for a church service at The City Church in Belltown.

Bieber was in town to allegedly join Wilson in a service given by Judah Smith, a prominent local pastor. After the service, the three bowled some frames at Lucky Strike Bowling in Bellevue.

According to, Bieber finds Smith a source of inspiration.

Bieber was also spotted signing autographs at Lucky Strike Bellevue over the weekend.


Credit @JBSeattle

Did you spot the Biebs or Wilson this weekend? Let us know.


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  • don

    I hope Russel washes his hands really good after spending any time with Justin Beiber. If the all stupid one has any sense at all, he will listen to every thing Wilson says and then listen to not one of his entourage of maggots.


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