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WATCH: I take care of Tilli, the aardvark

TACOMA — Tilli the aardvark lives at Pt. Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, and for some reason she’s Kaci’s favorite animal.

Kaci spent the day learning what it takes to care for her- from feeding her lunch, to walking her on the zoo grounds.

Tilli appears in the newest show at the zoo’s Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater: “Indiana Bones and the Golden Treasure”! For info on the shows and how YOU can meet Tilli, head to

The series, “Kaci Be Me” explores all of the different jobs around the Pacific Northwest. If you’d like Kaci to be YOU and try YOUR job, tweet @KaciAitchison using #KaciBeMe.

Tilly the Aardvark


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