School administrator ousted over gay marriage in line for Mercer Island H.S. job

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mark Zmuda was ousted from Eastside Catholic High School after he married his gay partner. The school said at the time that same-sex marriage violates Catholic church policy. (Photo is screen grab of video interview conducted by one of his students in December 2013).

MERCER ISLAND — Mark Zmuda, the former Eastside Catholic High School vice principal who was forced out last year after marrying his gay partner, is being recommended as the new Mercer Island High School associate principal, the Mercer Island School District said Friday.

Zmuda said, he was fired from Eastside Catholic High in Sammamish because he got married and the school told him the only way to keep his job was to divorce his partner. At the time, a school spokesman said his same-sex marriage was in violation of Catholic church policy.

On Friday, the Mercer Island School District said on its website that school Superintendent Gary Plano will recommend to the school board that Mark Zmuda be confirmed as the new Mercer Island High School associate principal, to begin on July 1.

Zmuda was selected from a field of more than 60 applicants following a lengthy interview process involving students, parents and staff, the district said. The hiring replaces the position held by Craig Olson who left the district in January.

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  • AIslander

    As a gay man myself, while I certainly support a private (no taxpayer funds) religious school's right to set their own rules about hiring gays, including not hiring them at all, there is a very significant factor to consider in Mr. Zmuda's lawsuit. The private school had a published employment non-discrimination policy stating that they did NOT discriminate on the basis of Sexual Orientation nor Marital Status. This was published both in the employee handbook and on the school's public website. (this was removed from the website after his dismissal.)

    Why should Mr. Zmuda not have been able to rely on the school to keep its word and conform to it's own published employment policy? I think this will lead to a verdict that the school broke its contract with Mr. Zmuda and find the school liable for damages.

    By all accounts, even the school that fired him affirmed that he was an exceptionally superb vice principal.

    The overwhelming and remarkable support shown by so many of the students following his dismissal also attests to Mr. Zmuda's value as an employee.

    If hired by the Mercer Island School District, I'm sure he will be a fine addition to what is already considered one of the best school districts in the nation. Eastside Catholic''s loss will be Mercer Island's gain.

    • lgraas

      The contract is not arbitrary. It must be based on Catholic teaching, first and foremost. A civil law change in the definition of marriage doesn't change what marital status is in Church law. That is why the policy didn't apply in his case. He wasn't discriminated on the basis of marital status. He was discriminated against on the basis of his failure to uphold Church teaching publicly, which is something he agreed to do.


    F these people, "give me this… respect me cause… I have more rights cause i suck C@ck…" No you don't, get a life and realize that most of us don't want you around!

  • ouroboros14and88

    Very few realize Nuremburg hallmarked the death of western culture's jurisprudence and imposed Talmudic sharia (religious law) in its place. In the decades since we have seen a plan of demoralization wherein the primitive "minority" is empowered as the perpetual "victims" and the creative core progressively disenfranchised.

    Proof is abundant and follows a Marxist plan backed by this worlds oldest, most inhuman crime syndicate whose massive blood wealth is made possible by the cowardice inherent within an overly civilized people.

    Legitimizing bestiality is just one small way of dividing and demoralizing the civilizations of western culture.

    Study what is FORBIDDEN to teach in our "good slave" schools under Talmudic sharia and you will open a world of proof.

    Atrocities such as HOLODOMOR and USS LIBERTY show the true face of this pathological blood wealth empire that occupies government and capitalizes the destruction of our children's future.

    Look around at your world today and compare that to when places like America were ruled by free men devoted to a common and ethically proven jurisprudence.