Comcast offers reward for information leading to arrest of Arlington cable-cutters


Thieves cut fiber optic cables Thursday, severing service to about 20,000 Comcast customers in Arlington and Marysville. (Photo courtesy of Comcast)

ARLINGTON — Comcast is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the thieves who cut and pulled down about 200 feet of fiber optic cable in Arlington early Thursday, knocking out service to about 20,000 Xfinity customers in the Arlington and Marysville areas.

The cable company said it is offering two years of free Xfinity Triple Play services (Internet, phone, video) — or $5,000 cash — for information leading to the arrest and charges filed for those responsible for the crime.

It’s suspected the thieves were looking for copper wire.

“This is an unusual reward, but this is an unusual crime. Not only did it disrupt service in Arlington and Marysville, but we can’t have thieves running around thinking anything hanging in the air is copper,” said Steve Kipp, vice president of external affairs for Comcast in Washington.

The Comcast release said fiber optic cable is not valuable as scrap.



  • Slam1263

    $5000, or two years of service.

    That sounds about right, it's the cost that caused me to dump Comcast.

    That, and the lie about never needing a box to get service.

  • Skip

    Meth head thieves have destroyed their brains, so they'll never understand any message about which cables are copper and which are not copper. Druggie mantra: get money, get drugs, get high.

  • ouroboros14and88

    What ever happened to bounty hunting the dregs of society? Would an open season on drug dealers represent a conflict of interest with our prevailing new world order? Maybe we can understand why Korum got a hundred year sentence for drying up the illegal drug trade in western Washington? Or particular law is totally ignored while legitimate truth speaking citizens are jailed for broaching the "political correctness" iron curtain. Or the pierce county prosecutor deciding a clear and evident hate crime murder was something else completely. May we please return western jurisprudence and constitutional law in our courts? I've had more than enough of experimenting with Soviet Marxism.

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