King County voters rejecting car-tax, sales tax measure to fund buses, roads

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ElectionSEATTLE — By 55-45%, King County voters were defeating Proposition 1, a measure that would have raised the sales tax and increased car tab fees by $60 per vehicle to  stave off Metro bus cuts and to fix roads.

Initial results released Tuesday night by King County Elections showed that approval of the proposition had 200,887 ‘no’ votes (55.28%) to 162,508 ‘yes’ votes (44.72%). Based on the estimate of voter turnout, the Seattle Times said supporters of the proposition would have to win 73% of the remaining ballots to be counted.

King County Executive Dow Constantine said Tuesday night that “it is mathematically possible for us to close this gap and ultimately win, but it seems to me pretty unlikely.”

The proposition sought to increase car tab fees by $60 per vehicle and raise the sales tax one-tenth cent (now 9.5 percent in most of King County). Of that money raised, 60 percent would have gone toMetro Transit for bus service. and 40 percent to fund roads and transportation needs in cities and in unincorporated King County.

“Tonight’s results report will include more than 350,000 ballots, representing more than 94 percent of all ballots received by today,” said Sherril Huff, director of King County Elections.

The department will provide updated elections results at 4:30 p.m. on most subsequent weekdays until county certification of the election on May 6.

About 35 ballot measures were considered by voters in 21 counties Tuesday.  Marysville voters will decide the other transportation measure this month; the measure would authorize a 0.2% sales tax increase to preserve and repair city streets.

The Marysville measure was winning Tuesday night — 3,479 votes (55%) to 2,890 votes (45%).

Out of the 35 propositions statewide, 17 were bond measures.

Tacoma voters were asked to weigh in on a neighborhood parks and zoo improvements measure. It was winning by a 2-to-1 margin. Tuesday’s initial vote count showed 15,878 (63.65%) yes votes and 9,066 (36.35%) no votes.

Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma
Approved 15,878 63.65%
Rejected 9,066 36.35%




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  • The World is Ending

    You Seattle liberals are funny, you want, want, want, you vote for all the big government, high tax liberal democrats and want all the "freebies" you can get but forget nothing is free someone has to pay for it but you want it to be someone other than you.

    • #Troll

      It’s not a liberal vs conservative thing, it’s a rich vs poor thing. You can’t see it because you’re blinded by hatred or you are just nuts. Or maybe you’re rich and nuts. Either way your words give you away, @world, you need a little therapy. Good luck with that…

  • Tom Webb

    Did we need all these new bus stops during a down economy? I watched perfectly good stops torn down to be replaced! I have tried to use the metro system and found myself sitting next to people who smell like pee. People shouting foul language. Gangster punks, drunks and people nodding off from heroin or pills. The card swipe and board isnt working. People constantly ride the bus without paying and laugh and joke about it. Where are the tabs for bicycles operating on the streets? I had to have a plate on my bike when I was a kid 40 years ago. Get your priorities right Seattle and people might be more amicable.

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