Orting murder motivates ‘Compton’s Crew’ to patrol streets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

“Some people think vigilante is a good word; I don’t,” said Chris Hopfauf, who patrols the streets of Orting looking for criminal acts being committed. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

ORTING, Wash. — Every weekend Chris Hopfauf has a mission.

“We are covering every street in Orting,” Hopfauf said Friday.

He’s looking for any criminal act — and he wants all of Orting to know that he is watching.

“We drive by; if we see a crime being committed ,we will report it,” Hopfauf said.

Hopfauf is the leader of the “Compton’s Crew,” a group born out of tragedy. In February, Mike Compton was killed during a burglary at his own home. It angered many in this small town, including the police chief who vowed to catch the suspect.

“Know this: We are coming for you!” Police Chief Bill Drake said.

The Compton murder case is still unsolved and Hopfauf says the neighborhood patrols are a tribute to this friend.

“It’s affected the whole community. Mike was a great guy,” Hopfauf said.

“Everyone in Orting is on high alert, they are going to be hypersensitive to anyone walking around past dark,” business owner Kris Weiler said.

But not everyone thinks the patrols are helpful. Some say Compton’s Crew is taking justice into their own hands.

“Their intentions are good, but when emotions are high, anything can happen. That’s the worry,” Orting resident Kacie Nesby said.

Nesby works with troubled teens, and she says some of her students have been targeted.

“They are saying they’ve been followed by someone in a vehicle and called names. The students are concerned, they are frustrated,” Nesby said.

And some of the language on the crew’s Facebook page is stirring concern.

One of the post states: “Those of you who don’t like me or Compton’s crew, we drove by your homes while you were sleeping. We will continue to do so.”

“I think emotions played a little bit in that comment, sure, but by no means am I stalking anyone,” Hopfauf said.

There are plenty of emotions — but Hopfauf says his heart is in the right place. He says what he is doing is not vigilante justice.

“No, we don’t pack weapons. Some people think vigilante is a good word; I don’t,” said Hopfauf.

He says his group is not targeting teens or any other group. They also have strict rules not to confront people in any situation.

Orting’s police chief says he is aware of the patrols and they are not investigating any cases of stalking or profiling by Compton’s Crew.


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  • jennhess2

    I think the ones complaining are the ones that are afraid they might actually get caught in the act of something illegal! Those are the ones that are worried in this community. The hard working people of Orting stand behind Chris and the Compton's Crew! I wouldn't have any one else watching over our streets! Lets face it the police can't be everywhere all the time, so it is nice to have something else other than police. If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about. What happened to the rights of home owners? Why do Criminals have more rights than us? We hard working people in this town want to feel safe and we haven't for a long time until Compton's Crew was formed. I'm IN and I support Compton's Crew!

    • Whyshoulditellyou

      No the ones that are complaining are the ones that actually use logic and common sense. Whoever says that the ones who are worried are not criminals and whoever uses that "logic" needs a good does of reality.

  • Harrry Thourgood

    I think it's conveinient that 2 of the main Orting pages on Facebook are Administored by none other than CHRIS HOPFAUF. If you post anything on "Compton's Crew" or 'Town of Orting Save Us From Crime" it's deleted within a half hour. Also he wants to call people names? Look at yourself buddy,Go to LINX website, click on the "Find My Court Date", then click on NAME SEARCH, accept the disclaimer, enter his 1st & Last name. It shows 23 different court records. Now not all of them are criminal, but if you look close enough, 3 of them are RESTRAINING/PROTECTION ORDERS that have been filed against him, by 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE. If anything should be reported about Orting, it should be 100% about why no one's been arrested yet for Mr. Compton's Murder? It's been 2 months now, and not 1 damn person has been arrested! I mean come on, we the town of Orting pretty much know 1 way or another who they think was invovlved, 2 of the SUSPECTED COLD HEARTED KILLERS are free to roam around town! The other is still in Fife City Jail on other charges. So maybe Chris should put on his BIG BOY PANTIES and realize that ORTING does appriciate what Compton's Crew is trying to accomplish, But your as much a "RAT" or "CRIMINAL" as any other person who's had previous run in's with the law. Difference is your able to hide behind a cause & think it will be forgotten what you really are. HAPPY EASTER!

  • Sandie Y.Z

    Oh it’s great how Chris tries to pull this crap over people’s eyes. The news should contact the people who have been harassed by him. They have proof in messages, screen shots, etc. Especially the crap he hurries and deletes. Him and his little sidekick Brian. What a joke. Speaking of Brian, I know people who have been through so much worse and don’t become bitter, angry bullies like he has

  • S. R . Paschall

    Comptons crew is providing a valuable service to orting. The organization is comprised of volunteers all from Orting . These individuals are dedicated to making Orting a better place to live, Comptons Crew is also about the people of Orting. While everyone is busy talking and debating on their Facebook pages for 8 to 12 hours, (yes I know you have said you are doing something for your community,, however I don't know what,) Chris/Comptons Crew is in the community working. Today as he was patrolling he saw people that needed help one had a stuck garage the other a car issue. Chris/ Comptons Crew just pulls over and lends a hand, a random act of kindness, helping a fellow rthe people the people that complaint about Comptons Crew don't even know who all the members are. The complaints I have been hearing are questionable. One of the complaints did not even involve any member of Comptons Crew but it is an example that continually is brought up in an effort to keep an argument going. The examples that are provided are old and told over and over and they are not substantiated by any means. It's like a broken record. Comptons Crew are making people feel safer and are making people feel a sense of community.. I thank all members of Comptons Crew. Please never stop what you are doing. I pray the Compton family finds justice soon.. Michael Compton will never be forgotten. COMPTONS CREW IM IN!!…you are making a difference..

    • guest

      S.R. Paschall- Visiting these “Orting” boards, you comment more than any person I have seen. Yet, you accuse others of being on facebook 8-12 hours? Nice.

  • Big B.

    Did Comptons gang see the movie "Rambo"???? It was about a small town whose law enforcement decided to mess with a gent named "Johnny Rambo"…. I hope This big tough "crew" does not mess with the wrong CITIZEN because I know MANY guys who would not take their harassment without a fight… In fact I am sure a few would enjoy another "DEPLOYMENT" gladly… This guy does not look tough.This guy does not look like he is ready to take on ANIMALS…..He should just get a life , wife , or a hobby.(OR A JOB????)…The guy is a JOKE

  • Big B.

    I wonder how many Orting residents would approve of these idiots if the city was sued and sued and sued and sued some more…. Them sue them again…. I wonder if the folks would want to defend these idiots….Thinking of taking a few lawyers to Orting around 11 pm to 4 am and see how they treat AMERICAN CITIZENS there… Will get back to you in a few weeks… Will let you all know what I found

  • Whyshoulditellyou

    They also stalk teenagers and stop people who are out at night without having any right to. Yeah. I know that nothing has been investigated but that is probably because they are scared to report. I have seen them admit to talking teenagers. Also, I find it funny that at the city council meeting Chris said he was not there to call names and point finger and that is exactly what he ended up doing. Now, don't get me wrong, they all have good intentions but they are going about it the wrong way. Fear and intimidation and being a bully does not work. And don't bother trying to figure out who I am you won't. I am just another Orting citizen tired of seeing people being called "rats" because they do not agree with Chris and the others. Honestly, I think they are loose cannons and I am actually worried someone is going to end up being hurt. The town does not need to see anymore losses,

  • Slp

    Well as everyone in orting continues to work on this both, for better lack of words, both sides continue to strive for solutions. The citizens who have expressed concern about Comptons crew are going to take safe streets training and are working to organize patrols for each of the four areas. This is wonderful news. All of you who have been involved in this from the beginning know that this has been the goal all along. Orting was divided into 4 sections, each section will be setting up a neighborhood watch and patrol system, by using what safe streets teaches, I believe great success will be found through this struggle and that is why I am proud to be from orting and I am proud of everyone involved. Orting will have the best city wide neighborhood watch when this is done. With each section organized and the use of the orting citizen blotter and the opd tweets we have got this covered. I believe that in time orting will see a reduction in crime and we will be a community that others look up to. People look at all the new programs we have started here that help all ages. We have haven for teens, we have the orting senior citizen safety project, we have programs for the addicted and help for troubled teens..look at all we have done here that is good. We are doing what no other community has done…yes I know there has been debates, but when we have all four sections organized I believe we will all be on the same page. It's unfortunate that our struggle has become so very public. Both sides on this issue want the very same thing.,so let's just get it done..orting and the people in orting are the very best. Those that do crime and deal drugs to our kids you will be stopped by our supierior neighborhood watch..we are all going to observe and report what we see to the orting police department. The meth and heroine is stealing our children and fueling crime. Michael Compton will never be forgotten, his family and everyone in this town waits for justice. So as everyone debates here just know everyone wants the same thing….we can do this..?

    • Doug Bishop

      Slp…..Excellent response, I totally agree. Lets all stop the he-said she-said baloney and concentrate our time and enery to being pro-active. Between our OPD, city government, and neighborhood watches I believe we can get a handle on things and decrease the crime rate in Orting. So, I would plead with the negative folks to please refrain from bashing efforts and be part of the solution.

  • Guest

    I knew Mike for a long time. Went fishing with him a number of times. Loved the guy. Not so sure I like the language or the exact tactics being used. I have a few feelings on this.
    Orting was developed to quickly with little to no oversight and certainly no thought for infrastructure that the development was going to need. The developers came, built, made money and left. The citizens are left with high taxes and not enough police to handle the situation.
    Not happy with the way things are done, then change them. Take the proper channels to make change, don't go off on a "Walking Tall avenue to solve the problems. Change them the through elections, visiting meetings and holding elected officials and police feet to the fire. Not through fear and intimidation.

    • Suzy

      We all are trying to do just what you suggest. Many residence now go to all the city council meetings and public safety meetings. We are finding that it is not so simple to get the help this area needs. But we are working on this problem by all means possible. While at these meetings some city officials praise all our efforts. Proper channels

  • Guest

    I know Chris and he isn't a saint, never has been but he has a good heart. He lets his emotions get the best of him at times. He's been a "rat" at times in his life as well.
    My fear is someone is going to get hurt. A stick is no match for a gun. Let the professionals do their job, it they aren't replace the chief of police or hire more. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or die if this continues.

  • brian black

    Go to comptons crew on facebook. He is blaming Q13 for posting when he patrols so cars where stolen and it’s all the news fault. Does this guy have a job?

  • L. Kelley

    It’s funny how many people he has following him blindly. I think 90% of that town is about as smart as a box of rocks. I’m a redneck, and even I have more respect for people than this Chris guy.

    Now he’s throwing a tantrum (yes a tantrum, go his page) about TNT’s newest article on him. Well, the truth does hurt.

    These people aren’t against him. Many of the citizens have joined the Safe Streets organization. But ol’ Chris doesn’t want to play with Safe Streets anymore because they have rules. Boo hoo.

    This is embarrassing just reading about him.

    His followers say to stop complaining and get involved. Well, if you have a troubled teen, have friends or family that have been in trouble with the law (he’s one to speak) your not allowed around his posse. Kind of makes it hard for a community to join together.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest

  • concerned

    i really hop the news crews continue to do there jobs and follow up with this story and get both sides,maybe turning the heat up will help raise awareness of whats really going on
    the town is heading into a civil war if something isn't done soon, the comptons crew and the ugly truth facebook groups seem to be nothing but hate groups against each other, the language and threats that have been seen on both pages, rats vs. crew sounds like a bad horror flick but the way things are going it seems to be getting way worse before it gets better.
    hope they get there stuff figured out soon before some one ends up really hurt.