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Desperate hunt across Washington for cult leader accused in 59 sex crimes



Victor Barnard. Courtesy KMSP/FOX 9 News.


OLYMPIA — The Washington State Patrol is encouraging state residents to be on the lookout for a man charged with dozens of sex crimes against young females, as they believe the man might be in the Washington.

Authorities believe Victor Barnard may have traveled to Washington from Minnesota, where he is charged with 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct involving two young girls. His last known whereabouts were Spokane.

Barnard ministered a religious group in Northern Pine County, Minnesota, where he is charged with sexual misconduct.

According to the Minnesota Star-Tribune, Barnard was the leader of a cult that lead to girls as young as 10 to fall under his watch as “maidens.” At least two women have come forward with allegations against Bernard, saying their time with him was a “nightmare” of sexual abuses, the Star-Tribune reports.

victor1WSP Troopers are coordinating with Minnesota’s Pine County Sheriff’s Office to help locate Barnard. He is the subject of a nationwide warrant.

Anyone who may have information as to the whereabouts of Victor Barnard, please call WSP Detective Ryan Spangler at (509) 227-6644 or the Pine County Sheriff’s Office tip line at (320) 629-8342.



  • Concerned

    Another right wing fanatic, hiding behind religion…crazy is just crazy. but their sure seems to be a conservative effort to corner the market…

  • Marchofthesod

    I thought they were talking about Bill Clinton with his brain dead followers, but then the media would be covering for him.

  • Skip

    Seems like we've heard this "cult leader" type of story over and over. Is there a school or training center turning out these perverts?

  • The World is Ending

    He wants to be a religious leader, fine when we catch him just remove a certain pair of organs and send him home let him be a religious leader a eunuch religious leader but still a religious leader

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