New law OKs beer, wine for day spas

SEATTLE — Day spas in Washington now have the okay to add wine and beer to their services.

MANICURE WINEAccording to The Olympian, Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill on Wednesday, allowing a special permit for day spas to service complimentary beer and wine to customers older than 21.

The new law goes into effect in mid-June.

Supporters of Senate Bill 5045 said this would cut down on the number of businesses that serve alcohol illegally.

Not every spa qualifies for a permit, however. As The Olympian reported, businesses must offer at least three of the following services, hair care, nail care, skin care, massages and body toning.

Permits cost $125 a year. Day spa workers must receive training by the state Liquor Control Board in order to serve alcohol.

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1 Comment

  • Jan Seeley

    Massage therapists are not allowed to serve wine and beer to customers/clients as far as I know. Will the spa massage therapists be allowed this? I know there is no one on here to answer that question…but as a massage therapist myself, I'm curious about it.