Police: Sex offender steals street sweeper, joy rides through Puyallup

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Watkins edit 2

Photo courtesy of Pierce County

PUYALLUP — A convicted sex offender is accused of stealing a street sweeper and taking it on a joy ride, causing significant damage.

Brock Allyn Watkins was convicted of raping a child in 2003. He is registered as a transient in Pierce County.

On March 10, Watkins allegedly broke into Puyallup River Storage, stole the street sweeper, kicked it into high speed and drove through a security fence. According to the police report, he hit a heavy gate at such a high rate of speed, that it was launched about 20 feet away from the fence, and crushed beyond repair. Investigators say he was doing wheelies in the storage lot, creating large circles from the tire tracks. He then apparently lost control or intentionally struck a building, causing significant damage.

Watkins then allegedly drove the street sweeper on to River Road, and made it across the Puyallup River before a Fife police officer confronted him on Freeman Road.

The Fife officer found him in the driveway of Fife Sand and Gravel, and said Watkins approached him in a threatening manner, with his hands fishing around in his pockets. The officer had to draw his weapon and order him to the ground before he surrendered into custody.

When asked for his name, Watkins allegedly told the officer, he “forgot it.”

Before he was stopped, Watkins allegedly caused significant damage to property owned by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.The broken security fence was estimated to cost about $1,500 and the extent of building damage was unknown. The owner of the street sweeper couldn’t get it to restart, and it was likely totalled.

Watkins is expected to make his first appearance in Pierce County Court next week, and will likely face charges of burglary, vehicle theft, driving with a suspended license and malicious mischief for his joyride.

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