State Senate votes to regulate medical pot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

REDMOND RIDGE POTOLYMPIA – The State Senate took a giant step towards licensing and regulating medical marijuana sellers Saturday in Olympia.  Lawmakers voted to carve out a spot for medical pot in the legalization and licensing plan that voters approved in 2012 for recreational pot, the News Tribune reported.  The Senate voted 34 – 15, coming up with the necessary two-thirds majority vote.

Patients would buy their product at one of the stores authorized under Initiative 502, the paper reported.  If they choose to participate in a state registry of patients, they could get a partial tax break and buy in larger volumes.  Or they could grow a limitied number of pot plants at home or form cooperatives with up to three other people for personal use, the News Tribune reported.  the dispensaries that currently sell medical pot would have to close or obtains a state license by Sept. 1, 2015.

Senate Bill 588 7 now goes to the House, with just five days remaining in the legislative session.

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  • Mr Fitzwell

    Tax break, HA that's funny. The local street "Dealer" is going to be back in business again when the prices get jacked up or when you are hours away from the closest store. 502 was a joke from the start but is turning out to be a nightmare. Will move to a state with better access to patient driven medicine not profit oriented indulgences.

  • Phil

    Yeah, these mental giants can't pass a budget, but they can throw medical marijuana patients under the bus easily enough. It'll just force mmj patients to the black market (as well as most of the recreational users-once they see the prices).

  • Plsfreeme

    I smoke pot because of chronic joint pain, and I don't know why it relieves pain but it does, I don't even tell my family that I have a medical marijuana card because of the risk of my employer finding out, and then I would be terminated. Now it looks to me like the sponsors of bill 5887 don't seem to understand that we voted to legalize recreational marijuana not to criminalize medical marijuana, after reading the bill I couldn't believe all the red flags that it raises. First, what struck me as border line crazy was in section 33 where it said that now if a medical patent shares a joint of his medical marijuana with a recreational user that it is a feloney punishable with two years in jail and a two thousand dollar fine; remember this is now a legal substance.
    Medical marijuana was passed into law by initiative 692 and recreational marajuana was passed by initiative 502, this clearly means that the will of the people want marijuana leagal, so why are they trying to pit the two separate initiatives against the the intent of the voters, and throw innocent people in jail.
    Next, the whole section on the liquor control board telling medical professionals when they have the ability to prescribe a drug is crazy. Do we really want to have the liquor control board involved with health care business and dictating what and how much medications we need, or how often we need to go in and be evaluated, so they can decide if we meet their requirements? of course not that is why 502 doesn't address medical marijuana.
    Another point that was brought up was making patients register and the liquor control board tracking them, the bill suggests that this will be kept confidential. Except when law enforcement needs information In an investigation, so does this mean that when they decide they want to see who is violating the drug enforcement act of 1968 and who will no longer be able to own a firearm they will use the list as an admission of guilt?
    This also suggest that records would or could be kept of anyone that purchases of recreational marijuana, and that information could be surrendered to the DEA whenever they are ready to start taking the right to bear arms away from law abiding citizens who will now be guilty of violating the 1968 act.
    Also, it still gives your employer the right to fire you if you fail a drug test even if you are not intoxicated on the job, just because it is in your system from who know when, maybe a day or a week earlier? Remember the prohibition is suppose to be over because that is what we voted for.
    Finally, I think this is just a few of the problems that bill 5887 creates, what we really need is to keep the revenue generating interests of the liquor control board out of the health care business.