USPS truck crashes near Ollala, mail flies everywhere

Ollala  mail truck edit

Photo courtesy of Sherrie Cerutti

Ollala, Wash — A US Postal Service driver in South Kitsap was hurt Monday morning when her mail truck went off the road and into the water.

Photos from the scene show mail spilled everywhere and the truck over an embankment along the Ollala Lagoon.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies as well as fire rescue crews were called to the scene.

It is unclear what lead to the crash, but the front end of the mail truck was visibly smashed.

The extent of the driver’s injuries is not known.

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  • Elaine

    It was my mother-in-law…7 Stitches in her ear, 3 in her head and a large goose egg on her head. Lacerations on her leg and a lot of bruising, but they say she'll be ok

  • Kerry

    Good to hear she'll be ok. She's been our mail carrier around these parts
    for a while, I'd like to keep her.

    Ed- Olalla is misspelled…