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See who tops ‘most generous American philanthropist’ list

Today – Season 63SEATTLE – Americans with deep pockets were more generous last year than in year’s past.

According to a publication called ‘The Chronicle of Philanthropy,’ the country’s 50 biggest donors gave $7.7 billion last year, four percent more than 2012.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife were the most generous, giving away Facebook shares valued at more than $970 million.

Nike’s co-founder, Phil Knight was also a top donor.

Jack MacDonald, a former lawyer from Seattle who lived a very frugal life, also made the list. He died last year, leaving $139 million to Seattle Children’s Hospital, the University of Washington and the Salvation Army.

Surprisingly, Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates didn’t make the list this year. According to CNN, the list is based on new financial commitments made in a given year, rather than ongoing commitments.


1 Comment to “See who tops ‘most generous American philanthropist’ list”

    My View said:
    February 10, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    There are a lot of people that give less but percentage wise based on what they have actually have to give, give more of themselves.

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