The Power of 12 couldn’t be denied

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SEATTLE — I started talking about how the number 12 was popping up all over the place in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl 48 of course, and a lot of fans pointed out to me that 4+8=12. I thought that was pretty cool.

So, here I go. A lot of you want to throw eggs at me (a dozen of them) about all this “12” stuff , but I’m going to run through it all one last time.

photoOn the (Blue) Friday, before Super Bowl week, my daughter wanted to go to the thrift shop with her friends. As they shopped, I found a surprisingly cool leather jacket that fit me perfectly. I went to the register to pay. It was half off. How much was it? $12. At the Thrift Shop. On Blue Friday.

I tweeted Macklemore and Wanz (who sings the hook on Macklemore’s hit “Thrift Shop”), about my good fortune. As it turned out, they were already in LA for the Grammys, where they were nominated for 7 awards. They are huge Seahawks fans (as most of you know), and I told Wanz that this is a good omen for them and the Hawks. Macklemore and company walked out with four Grammys. Between three Seattle artists: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Wanz. (4 x 3=12)

All season long, I hosted a Blue Friday tailgate party on Q13 FOX. It was an awesome experience to share the excitement of this incredible season with fellow 12’s every Friday morning. On the final Blue Friday of the season before the Super Bowl, we had fans sign 12th Man flags that I brought with me to the Super Bowl in New Jersey. My amazing Blue Friday producer Laura Rieder told me she had bought three flags for fans to sign. I thought for a moment, and said, “What is 4×12?” (Math is not my strong suit.) Laura says, “48.” As in Super Bowl 48. So, I brought FOUR 12th Man flags with me to the Super Bowl. I gave one to Governor Jay Inslee to take inside, and gave the other three to groups of boisterous 12s heading inside MetLife Stadium, who waved and displayed them proudly during the game. Perhaps you saw them during the Super Bowl telecast. I hope you did. Two of them were visible in the south end zone.

I received an email from a viewer, who informed me that I gave one of the flags to the grandson of Joseph Wanner, who is credited with coming up with the name “Seahawks’ for Seattle’s football franchise.

By the way, the Seahawks retired the number 12 in December of 1984 in honor of the fans. It was the first number retired by the team. The retirement ceremony happened before a game in the Kingdome in the 12th month of ’84. (8 +4 =12).

Saturday, before the Super Bowl, legendary Seahawks Offensive Lineman Walter Jones was voted into the Football Hall of Fame. How many seasons did Walter hold down the Left Tackle position for the Hawks? 12.

The Seahawks victory in Super Bowl 48 was the 12th playoff win in franchise history, and Peyton Manning’s 12th career playoff loss.

It gets weirder. A lot weirder. Please bear with me here.

A lot has been made about how the number 12 kept popping up during the game. There were 12th Man flags all over of course. The Seahawks scored a safety, thanks in part to the noise created by the 12th man at MetLife Stadium, 12 seconds into the game.

Percy Harvin scored on a kickoff return 12 seconds into the 3rd quarter. I looked up at the clock after that touchdown. It read 14:48. During Super Bowl 48. (:60- ;48 = :12.)

Marshawn Lynch scored exactly 12 minutes into the second quarter.  Seriously. The clock read 12:00.

The Seahawks scored 43 points in the Super Bowl. (4×3=12)

Russell Wilson’s final passing yardage in Super Bowl 48? 206. Seattle’s area code. (2 x 6 = 12)

Yesterday was perhaps the most magical moment in Seattle history. The victory parade and celebration on 2/5/14 (or 2+5+1+4 =12) for the Seahawks was attended by an estimated 700,000 to 1 million people (I’ll go ahead and guess it was 1.2 million). It was my honor to anchor our coverage on Q13 FOX all day long. How many hours was I on the air? Yep. 12.

I got very emotional during the day, watching the sea of 12s embrace the team as they made their way through the streets of Seattle, culminating with a victory celebration inside a packed CenturyLink Field, a stadium which is now…wait for it… 12 years old.

It was so uplifting to watch Marshawn Lynch at the front of the parade, sitting on the hood of one of Seattle’s famous Ducks, beating a Native American drum, getting pelted with Skittles, and throwing them right back at the crowd. Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. A number of fans pointed out to me that “Legion of Boom” is 12 letters. The players flash a hand signal as a sign of unity: an extended thumb and forefinger in the shape of the  letter “L”, which happens to be…yes…the 12th letter of the alphabet.

In my 12th hour of our live TV coverage, I was telling my co-anchors, David Rose and Marni Hughes about my memories of the 1979 Sonics parade. My dad took me to that celebration, and I got wistful thinking about how much he would have loved to see this. David asked me how old I was when the Sonics won the World Championship. I had to think for a moment. And then I laughed. And then I started to cry.

I was 12.

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  • Brian Anthony

    Let me start by stating that this was one of the most fun days in my life to this point. I was lucky enough to share this awesome game day with my wife and two kids as we screamed them on to total destruction over the Broncos. A dream fulfilled for this 49 year old man! As we are all quite aware of the fact that our rabid fans are considered to be the 12th man. Some of you may also be aware of the study of numbers and how it can relate coincidence with life’s events. The true term for this is Numerology. Numerology is any study of the purported divine, mystical or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding observed (or perceived) events. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs. Numerology and numerological divination by systems such as isopsephy were popular among early mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, but are no longer considered part of mathematics and are regarded as pseudomathematics or pseudoscience by modern scientists. I, for the most part don’t believe hugely in this science. However in watching today’s game we started to quickly notice some very odd “coincidences” relating to the number 12!

  • Brian Anthony

    Continued from previous comment:
    Late at night much after the game Marissa and I started to point a few out to each other and then things got a bit weird. Our list is as follows:
    A person that studies numerology is considered a numerologist which consists of 12 letters.
    The first score of the game happened 12 seconds into the game.
    The first score of the second half happened 12 seconds into the second half.
    This is Super Bowl 48…4 + 8 = 12
    12 is a derivative of 48
    The state of New Jersey’s highest point of elevation is 1803 feet. 1 + 8 + 0 + 3 = 12. One could argue that we achieved New Jersey’s highest elevation on this day.
    This is the Hawks 12th career playoff win and our 24th career playoff game…do the math.
    Seattle’s first playoff game ever was against the Broncos
    First ever playoff game against Broncos was played on 12-24.
    Our defense stopped the Broncos of 3 fourth down conversion attempts. 3 x 4 = 12

  • Brian Anthony

    Take the first number of our score 43 and add the Broncos score of 8. Yup it adds to 12!
    We won the game on 2/2/14. Subtract the month from the year and you get 12. Subtract the day from the year and you get 12.
    Our total score of 43……yes indeed…4 x 3 = 12.
    Beast Mode Lynch only ran for 39 yards…but when you add the 3 + 9 = 12.
    Our total time of possession for the game is 31:53. Do I need to do the math??? Add ‘em up………..12.
    Any guesses on which career playoff loss this was for Peyton Manning??? Indeed……#12.

  • Brian Anthony

    Continued from previos comment:
    The funny looking man in the fur coat that did the coin toss to start the game was Joe Namath. He was the quarterback for the Jets and the Rams. His jersey number was….yes indeed…..12.
    Percy Harvin’s touchdown to start the second half started at the 12 yard line.
    The celebration parade is scheduled for 2-5-14. 2 + 5 +1 + 4 = 12.
    The Safety that we earned 12 seconds into the game is considered by all the analyst to be the “fastest score” in Super Bowl history. “Fastest score” is 12 letters!!
    So there you go. I’ll let you all decide what you want but it sure feels like the Hawks had all the mojo on their side today. Oh, and by the way, if you missed the game at all the high lights of today’s game will be run all week on a little show called “Sports Center”. As if I need to point it out but “Sports Center” contains…yes you guessed it……..12 letters!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Anthony

    Loved your parade coverage yesterday and hope that you have a chance to read my 4 comments regarding the 12's! I tried to get this to you yesterday in hopes that you could read them or some of them on the air. Great job, loved the coverage. Go Hawks!!!!!!

  • Bill Wixey

    Brian: You have just blown my mind. I have no idea what it all means, but I do know that it was our year, and it was clearly meant to be. We 12s have been waiting a long time for a celebration like this…since the Sonics' World Championship, which was… 34 years ago (3 x 4= 12).

    • Brian Anthony

      So very true. I was 15 when the Sonics brought it home. How ironic that my son is now 15 and the Hawks brought this home! Thank you so much for your reply as I was very excited to get this info to you to see your reaction! I was blown away with the data myself. Also very pleased to know that you have survived all that you have to see this great moment. Please keep up the great work. You and your team are the best morning show on tv! Once again, thank you for your reply and Go Hawks!!!!

    • Brian Anthony

      @Katherine…I'm going to add that one to my list because it's awesome!! Also learned that our most recent Hall of Fame inductee Walter Jones played 12 seasons! This is insane and way to much fun!! Thanks for adding your comments. Go Hawks!!!

    • Brian Anthony

      @Sean…I had that one in my list. It was near the bottom but thanks for the input. Love it. I now have learned that the CLINK was built in 2002 and wold therefor now be in it's 12th year of operation!! Crazy!!!