Update on tomorrow’s CenturyLink Field event

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE- The season ticket holder parade viewing tomorrow at CenturyLink Field is now at capacity.

Limited overflow viewing at Safeco Field is now available at no cost. Tickets may be secured online at http://shwks.com/3jl4

Super Bowl XLVIII – Seattle Seahawks v Denver BroncosSeating at Safeco Field is general admission with gates opening at 10:30am. Parking is available at the Safeco Field Garage for $10.

Learn more about both events at http://shwks.com/eeb3

About 50,000 fans will be allowed into CenturyLink and approximately 25,000 others into Safeco Field where they will be able to watch the rally from a big screen, according to Seafair President Beth Knox, who is organizing the parade.

This letter was released to season ticket holders Tuesday morning:

As a 2013 Seahawks Season Ticket Holder, you have an exclusive window to reserve your spot. You will be offered the same number of tickets for this celebration as you have Season Tickets. In order to attend the event, you MUST log on to Account Manager and PRINT YOUR TICKETS RIGHT NOW. After noon today, or when space is full, you will no longer be able to print tickets to the event. Seating is limited, so print your tickets now!

Seating will be General Admission throughout the stadium. No assigned seats.

Super Bowl Championship Celebration
Wednesday at approximately 1:00pm
CenturyLink Field gates open at 10:30am

Also on hand will be more than 1,500 police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers to try to secure a safe event. According to the Seattle Times, a department-wide email was sent out by interim Police Chief Harry Bailey revoking all individual days off. The only exemptions was for employees with vacations approved before Sunday.

We’ll have more information on Wednesday’s festivities on Q13 FOX News at 4 and 5 p.m.

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  • Dee

    Why not just do it the easy way hand them out to those of us crazy enough to wage the weather and stand in line early while it is freezing why make it so hard?

  • Rhonda Bingham

    KIRO news radio is giving away tickets every 15 mins to the '12th' caller… might be the only option for those of us who can't afford season tickets… Disappointed, very disappointed.

  • Jessicda

    Deleting part of your article, "log onto the Seahawks website to print out a free ticket starting around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday." Come on!!!!! Don't lie to us!

  • michelle

    Seahawks, if you're not going to post tickets, FINE. But can you at least say so? An update would be nice. Wasting away my afternoon here…

  • RichN

    I found this on KIRO

    What about fans who aren't season ticket holders? How will they get tickets? David Ham will tell you all about how to get into the event at 5 p.m. Tuesday on KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

  • Kristina

    People don't buy them. Just wait it out I am sure the tickets will go up. They are suppose to be free. Season tickets holders are just being dumb. They should just give them away not sell them

  • NeedTickets

    While I was refreshing the site a chat box just showed up so I asked the question we all have. I am speaking to a ticket agent now. She said the rally in the stadium is Season Ticket Holders only. I forwarded her the Q13 story. Standby I am still chating with her

  • NeedTickets

    Agent: [15:50] Thank you for contacting the Seahawks.
    Guest: [15:51] wow hello, didnt know you were online. Would you happen to know when are the Rally tickets opening to the general public?
    Agent: [15:51] This event is only for season ticket holders.
    Guest: [15:52] Q13 Fox posted an article to facebook. heres the link http://q13fox.com/2014/02/04/how-to-get-tickets-t
    Agent: [15:55] Nothing has been confirmed by our office. If any offers were to be made it would be via our social media. At this time nothing is available to the general public.

  • Refresh

    NeedTickets – any chance you can also ask if it is only for season ticket holders, what about the "overflow" at Safeco? Would everyone be allowed into CenturyLink then, not first come first served since there would be more space than ticket holders?

  • SeaGal

    same here
    KarenK: [15:58] Thank you for contacting the Seahawks.
    ME: [15:58] How do we get tickets to the rally at century link field
    [15:59] For the Seattle Seahawks
    ME: [16:01] There will not be tickets released to the general public.

  • Joe

    Nice Q 13 you suck………..check your facts first………I woke up so excited about going to the parade tomorrow then my husband calls and says get tickets for rally at 1:00 and my day was shot!!! the anxiety and stress was total BS. I hope someone else hosts the NFL next year if this is the way get ratings.

  • NeedTickets

    Still refreshing seahawks.com for 3 hours now! I hear KIRO is announcing something at 5pm. Oops sorry Q13 I didn't mean to say KIRO. Oops there I go again….

  • Ryan

    I've been looking since 9 am for news. Q13 really got my hopes up with the 1PM post (Later deleted and reposted with the "Later today @ Seahawks.com). Really frustrated spending a whole day into this and being given false information for the later half.

  • Steve

    I blame the Seahawks offices. How was this not all worked out and announced Monday. Total incompetance on this. Don't shoot the messenger. You think Q13 made up 1 pm. Someone told them that. And I think it is totally lame that it is for season ticket holders only.

  • Wendy

    I just got off the phone with the Seahawks. They are NOT happy about this. I basically wasted three hours of my day and got my hopes up because Ms. Rebik didn't get her facts straight.

    At least have the guts to admit that you made a mistake and apologize to all the fans you let down and time we wasted.

    • Kristen

      I just got mine. Had navigated away from Seahawks page, but was watching KIRO news streaming at 5 and they said tickets were released. Quick scramble! The M's site took FOREVER but I got 4 overflow tickets.

  • Bob

    Twitter feed a few minutes ago said "season ticket holder parade viewing at Century Link at capacity. Overfow viewing now available at Safeco Field."

    Interesting that seats never became available to "non" season ticket holders since the entire stadium is NOT sold out to season ticket holders, and some come from so far away that it's likely a few thousand of them won't come. What happened to the (I'm guessing) 5,000 or more seats that weren't claimed by the season ticket holders.

    Also, is seating at Safeco first come first served, or are there tickets for that?????

  • Kristen

    there are tickets! get online NOW and get them. they are free but limited basis. there is a link from the latest article on seahawks.com. I just got 4.

  • NeedTickets

    This was poorly covered by the media that mislead thousands. I had been on seahawks.com seriously since 1:00pm when I got the facebook post from Q13. I verified the story on KING5 so I waited and I refreshed for 4 hours before I had to step away to make dinner. The tickets release at 5pm and non are left for the Clink! Wow the "Capacity" they speak of cant be stadium capacity there is just no way that the season tix holders filled the entire stadium. Cheers! Heres to being a parade route 12th Man.

    • Kristen

      You will be in good company! I don't think anyone in the general public got tickets to the CLINK. It was hard enough to get the overflow tickets!

    • penny

      If you read the story above, it says only 50,000 are allowed in the Clink.. That certainly is not filling up the stadium by a long shot.. And only the rich season ticket holders are allowed. The rest of us little nobodys( the majority of the 12th man) have to watch it on a big screen at safco. I am really disappointed in the Seahawks. A lot of respect just went out the window. Its all about the money.

    • NeedTickets

      nope it just keep flickering. Sometime it went white and I thought it was loading, and then it went back tho the in line waiting window.

    • Julia

      UPDATE: I logged on around 5:50PM, I LITERALLY just got into the site about 6 minutes ago and my total 30:00 minute wait-time? Yeah, i ended up having only about 5 minutes total to create an account and "complete my purchase." Wow.

  • impatient

    the ticket master website for safeco field tickets is a joke. Got a response after a long long wait and then it just hang up there.

  • Kris

    This was an epic fail! Wasted 3 hours refreshing Seahawks website all afternoon, nothing.. then finally get home and go to the gym and it gets posted while I'm gone and bye bye go all the tickets.. Next time please report facts or at least update if it's going to be delayed!

    • NeedTickets

      don't bother just go to the parade. I waited all day on seahawks.com and then again queued in the ticketing site to no avail. finally gave in after hours.

  • Dave

    Those scumbags selling Clink rally tickets for $100 have a lot of bad Karma coming their way. THESE WERE FREE TICKETS!
    Just as bad are the people trying to sell their free Safeco tickets to go watch it on a video screen.

  • Chris

    tickets are still available for Safeco as of 9:05pm as i just got 4. Make sure you are using a computer that you can print them from otherwise once you get them you will have to go through the whole ordeal again to log into your account to print them,

  • melvis

    The season ticket holders got thr short end of the stick again

    yesterday. The team was almost 2 hrs late, exhausted & we barely got our usual seats. Food stands were not supplied with enuff food, and there was nothing handed out at the door as usual. Heard people on the streets getting Jerseys and shirts.

    Uh….work 2 jobs to pay for season tics x15 yrs and basically being treated like a bandwagoner.

    I expected at least an autograph or photo op….wow….


    TOTALLY AGREE ! Season Ticket Holders Bait and Switched…While hundreds of thousands of fans watched the spectacular Seahawk victory parade, 50,000 Season Ticket Holders were virtually held hostage for 5+ hours inside Centurylink Field with the promise of a one-of-a-kind history making celebration at the end of the parade. Season Ticket holders were able to purchase minimal food and beverage (hot dogs and popcorn, pop and hot cider) if they had the patience to wait 45 minutes to an hour in line, locked bathrooms, and no access to the Pro-Shop (it wasn't accessible from inside the stadium and if you left to enter from outside the stadium, you couldn't return). There was absolutely no entertainment (watching snippets of the parade from high held cameras was irritating if not boring). Paul Allen needs a new party planner. Come on…there must have been someone on staff that was prepared for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl! Nothing was handed out, not even a small paper photo of…umm…maybe Wilson holding the Lombardi? Spirits rose when the team finally entered the stadium, and stayed somewhat high during the speeches in anticipation that surely something big was coming, but quickly waned as the crowd realized that confetti sprayed upon the team was the climax to a highly publicized "special" celebration party. Even the media speculated that something big was going to happen as the agenda had been kept so quiet. Don't get me wrong…being in the stadium with the world's best football team was, in itself, exhilarating…but the hype that got most of us there was sorely misleading. Felt like we were used to fill the stadium for media shots…As we left the stadium and observed the spoils of those who were smart enough to just attend the parade…many of us felt duped…just sayin'…


    It is GOOD to see people agree! I Have been going to Hawks games since I can remember, I have been a faithful 12 since the King Dome. I was so excited to learn my family got tickets to go in the stadium for a special presentation because we are season ticket holders. For that reason I chose to skip standing in the sea of fans for the parade. This season has been filled with so many cool activities, screen graphics, and awesome fan opportunities, I thought surely this event would be one to take the cake. I was extremely disappointed! I sat in the cold for 5hours with no hope of an autograph, or even a close up picture, to watch the team somberly walk onto the field and have confetti sprayed on them. I was bored to tears waiting for them because there was absolutely NOTHING to do inside the stadium except listen to the reporting of the parade. The same things were said over and over again and we were all turning into 12man icicles. But, I didn't leave because I had faith in the Seahawks Organization to host a celebration of a lifetime like they had alluded to. I also couldn't leave or I wouldn't be let back in. When the Boeing plane flew over most of the stadium was looking in all directions to try to figure out where it was… no one could see it! Right as the speeches began we were surrounded by a group of young men who were bragging about having SNUCK into the stadium…they wouldn't stop talking and were disrespecting Russell Wilson….I left feeling 10 times LESS special than every fan out on the parade route. As a season ticket holder and lifelong fan I was extremely hurt and disappointed. I chose to go into the stadium, as a 23 year old fan, instead of join the party outside and I was tricked into having the worst experience of everyone I know who was on the parade route. How can they let that happen? I have been an avid fan through losing games, through coach and player changes, and through it all, I never doubted my Seahawks. I will still always support my team…. too bad they couldn't support the fans who have always been there, instead we were treated as seat fillers for the media. I cannot express how much of a let down that day was.