Report: King County sheriff’s deputy who threatened The Stranger’s news editor is fired

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — King County Sheriff John Urquhart fired a deputy who threatened to arrest an editor for The Stranger weekly alternative newspaper during a confrontation in July, The Seattle Times reported Monday.

Deputy Patrick Saulet was fired at the end of the business day Monday, the Times said.  To read the entire Seattle Times article, click here.

SheriffAccording to the newspaper, Urguhart found that Saulet “took exception” to The Stranger’s news editor Dominic Holden lawfully doing his job on public property.

Holden said in July that he was riding his bike in Seattle when he saw a group of officers surrounding a man on King County Metro property, and he stopped to see what was going on.

“Saulet was very aggressive when he approached me,” Holden said at the time. “When I tried to take a photo of him, he blocked the shot and he had his hand on his weapon. It was clear that either I was going to leave or be arrested for taking photos of police officers.”

The Times reported that Urquhart, citing evidence gathered in an internal investigation, found that Saulet abused his authority in his dealings with Holden and attempted to “recast events” in a more favorable light.

“Your ill-advised actions also play to some of the most basic fears among some citizens, which is that a police officer may indiscriminately exercise his or her power in violation of their rights, because in the event of a complaint, the officer will just deny the allegation and ‘circle the wagons’ with his or her fellow officers on the expectation they will take care of their own,” Urquhart wrote, according to the Times.

The sheriff also noted that event was a larger pattern in the employment history of Saulet, who had been the subject of about 120 allegations, with 21 sustained, during his 27 years with the sheriff’s office.

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  • Ted

    I could not imagine being a cop in this day and age especially in a hippy liberal place like seattle where the people protect the criminals and go after cops. Cops have to worry about losing their lives daily, get paid garbage wages, and on top of that they have thes seattle freaks on their backs very five seconds with cameras waiting to complain about everything they do. They have to worry about dying and losing their careers. How many of you freaks can say that? I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't protect any of you ingrates. You aren't worth it. This cop probably was sick and tired of it too. I hope he can get his retirement still. That sheriff doesn't back up his people whatsoever and gives into politcal pressure.

    • Jillie

      subject of about 120 allegations, with 21 sustained, during his 27 years with the sheriff’s office.

      Obviously this officer has a problem. We that live in Seattle, let alone the State of Washington to not protect our criminals, BUT when the COPS are harassing people for absolutely nothing, then something needs to be addressed. Just like joining the army…when you become a police officer you know that you are also putting yourself in danger. Unfortunately there are lots of people out there who retaliate because cops do have an attitude of "I am the law and therefore you will do as I say!!!" Some are power trippers and try to get away with what they can.

    • dhsea

      @Ted: Did you actually follow this story, or are you just a troll?
      Saulet was a Bully with a Badge. He has a rap sheet as long as my arm. He had many, many many opportunities to correct his errors, and chose to ignore them. We have many LEO's who are great people doing a very difficult job, but this loser needs to go!

  • guest

    it's funny how these freaks and perverts scream abuse all the time and then complain when the cops aren't there to protect them fast enough when they need help. how effective can they be with one hand tied behind their back? it is a thankless job for the most part. I wouldn't want it.

  • TMAC

    Name calling? Are you one of those ‘lefty, righty people? Cops are people too. You get good ones and bad ones. How do you blame the “freaks’? What’s wrong with you?