Afternoon rain today, heavy rain & wind tomorrow

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SEATTLE — We’re starting out pretty quiet this morning, but rain arrives this afternoon and it gets breezy overnight. Highs will be in the upper 40s.  Snow has calmed down in the mountains, but we could get another couple of inches at pass level today.  Tomorrow looks calm until a strong system arrives late in the day.

This is a Pineapple Express bringing rain, heavy at times and mild temps.  The snow level will climb to 6,000 feet, so all the lovely snow that has fallen on the ski lifts at Snoqualmie may get washed away, dang it!  The rain and mild temps may cause flooding on some of our more flood-prone rivers, as well as some urban flooding.

Saturday looks active.  Morning rain tapers off, but at least light rain looks likely during the Seahawks-Saints playoff game.  It gets windy in the afternoon as well.

Highs will be around 50.  Hopefully this will bother and baffle the Saints!  Sunday and Monday will be showery and breezy with highs near 50.  Mid-week next week there is a chance of showers.

Viewer photos of the day . . .


Mt. Rainier casting a shadow on the sky at sunrise, also sporting a lenticular cloud on top. From Bob in Tacoma.


Beautiful sunrise over Mt. Rainier from Robert on Anderson Island.

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