Attempted arsonist pours gas on Neighbours nightclub, sparks flame

NeighboursSEATTLE — Police are searching for an attempted arsonist who allegedly poured gasoline on a carpeted stairway leading to the second level of Neighbours Nightclub and trying to set it on fire.

Seattle police said an attempted arsonist poured the gas in the stairway just after midnight New Year’s Day. The arsonist lit the gas and left, police said.

Luckily, the fire was quickly discovered and put out with a fire extinguisher. Someone in the club also pulled the fire alarm, causing sprinklers to activate and dousing the flames.

Police said all of the 750 patrons celebrating the New Year’s holiday managed to evacuate safely and no one was injured.

Arson bomb detectives and SFD officials are investigating the incident.

Performer Aleska Manila vented about the incident on Facebook, saying Neighbours has been the Number 1 gay nightclub in the Northwest for years, and “nothing’s gonna stop us from celebrating diversity and providing a safe space for everyone.”

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  • SMH

    Not surprising at all. I used to work at the club. About a year and a half ago, or possible later than that was the club's downfall. Lack of security, because the owner does nothing to keep the place running smoothly. Security do not get their checks on time more often then not. Also the owner let's a rotating group of men who sexually harass and pretty much do whatever they want because they are friends of the owner. You ban one of them, another fills his spot. I wish I was joking. Just last week my friend was dragged out of the club by one of them with only the doorman on duty. This club isn't safe anymore because the people in charged simple don't care. I doubt this will change anything. PS David Rose is a drunk, perverted, coke head scumbag who was also part of the problem. Don't think I've forgotten how you acted when you were at the club. You were probably to wasted to remember.

    • mysaints

      SMH: i understand your anger towards the powers that be at this club, but at least it wasn't bad to the point where someone was seriously injured. thank goodness.

  • George

    So I hate to be -that guy-, but I wouldn't be surprised if the perp ends up being a "progressive" who intentionally created a false hate crime to push their agenda. Small fire, easily extinguished, nobody injured… someone who truly wanted to harm the business or the patrons would have put far more effort into it. Seems like someone just wanted to make a news story rather than a real event. It's terrible that we have to think that way, but we've become a a society of professional victims where nobody's word can be trusted.