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Overweight Barbie, big dreams in Tokyo and more in trending


Which Barbie is the better role model? (credit: Facebook)

Girl Power! The classic girl power series ‘Powerpuff Girls’ is returning to the Cartoon Network for a special, one-night special next month. The original voice actors are coming back, and yes, there will be a Powerpuff Girl marathon leading up to it.

More to love? Do you think overweight Barbie is a better role model than superskinny Barbie? Discuss.

The naughty list: Remember the guy who danced his tush off to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball? It’s been too long since his Chatroulette debut. Thankfully, he’s created a video present .. just in time for Christmas. 

Role Models: This awesome moment was captured at the Hachiko statue in Tokyo. It’s all about how you see yourself.

What a bunch of jerks: When it comes to cats versus Christmas trees … cats win every time. 

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