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What’s proper etiquette when hosting your legal pot party?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

marijuana-jointSEATTLE – So you’ve got a few friends over for dinner, the music is lively, the conversation is spirited, and all of a sudden, someone whips out a joint and lights up.  What’s the in-the-know host to do?  Not to worry, according to Aviva Palmer, CEO of a  Seattle event-planning company, The Adventure School.  “At this point in Washington there’s no need to regulate marijuana to something secretive and gross unless you see it that way,” Palmer told the Seattle Times.

It wouldn’t be surprising that in Seattle, there might be a few potheads at your party, given that 74% of the electorate voted last year to legalize weed.  And according to the latest research from the RAND Institute, about 1 in 9 Washington adults “toked” in the last month, the Times reported.

Party planner Kelli Bielema told the Times that she’s been contacted about arranging parties where pot was not only present, but featured.  And when it comes to what kind of food (edibles) you should serve at your party, Bielema advises “signage” – little tent cards with a playful message that carry a warning:  eating these goodies may delay the intoxicating effects of the marijuana.


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  • My View

    Etiquette? If you don't want people smoking dope in your home or on your property then maybe those people should leave, if you don't care you don't care simple as that. Legality or etiquette has nothing to do with it. It's still against Federal law, wanna loose your home?

  • Jamie

    Im sick of idiots treating marijuana like its a brand new drug! Like it just magically appeared and we voted to make it legal! People have been getting stoned just as long as people have been getting shitfaced on beer and booze. Grow the fuck up people! If youre a stupid asshole before drinking or smoking, your still going to be a stupid asshole after drinking and smoking. You'll then just be a drunk or stonded stupid asshole. Stop comparing these stupid assholes with every none stupid asshole, whom likes a drink or a toke.

  • Esco

    I would say make sure the kids aren't around or downwind and keep plenty of snacks and drinks around. Have that middle finger ready for the haters too. Otherwise don't partake and drive, moderation, just be safe.

  • joe

    Yea pots been around thousands of years, since prohibition, pot and booze became taboo, then a big deal, so now moderation will come with maturity, just don't drive and don't drink with it, you got to have some brains.

  • layla

    Can we please make some sense people? Just because smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is legal, doesnt make it good. Yes, we voted and it is now legal to smoke marijuana. Do you think that the reason it passed was because someone thought it was healthy ? Everyone on here sounds like potheads. I agree with Joe, Moderation will come with maturity.

    • jeff

      In case you haven't noticed, it is still against Federal Law. If the politicians in this state had any balls they would tell these potheads that Federal Law will be enforced.

      • Vote4Victory

        So you're saying the vote of the people is void to you if you find it inconvenient?
        Sorry "jeff", the states have more respect for the will of the people than the Fed and are willing to show it. How's that for "Balls"?


    It's just a plant, folks!!! Most mind-altering substances are derived from plants. Tobacco included.
    It's the synthetic drugs pushed by Big Pharma that we really need to be worrying about. How many people die each year from overdosing on those? Last time I looked, very few if any died from marijuana overdoses.

  • jeff

    Smoking tobacco is banned in public buildings, smoking pot and having smoke out parties is alright. A person who owns a bar can have pot heads smoking in their place, but don't dare smoke a cigarette. This whole issue is nothing about money and how to get more of it, plain and simple.