Wash. State Rep faces backlash after inappropriate tweet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FITZGIBBONSEATTLE — A Washington State Representative is under fire for not taking the Seahawks loss so well.

Joe Fitzgibbon represents the 34th District covering West Seattle and Burien.

After the game he tweeted, “Losing a football game sucks. Losing to a desert racist wasteland sucks a lot.”

People responded on twitter calling Fitzgibbon “narrow-minded” and accusing him of giving Seahawks fans a bad rap.

Later Fitzgibbon tweeted this response, “Upset re hawks loss, and failure of smart immigration reform–shouldn’t have conflated the 2 though. happy holidays, better for both in ’14.”

Fitzgibbon deleted the original tweet.

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  • Kit

    It is interesting how the dumb tea party recently caused the federal shut and cost the country 25 billion dollars. What did that accomplish? Even House Speaker Boenher told them to take a hike.

  • ted

    There are basically two kinds of people in this world,…..those that believe “the ‘libruls’ did it,…..and those stupid enough to believe there’s only two kinds of people in this world…..

    • Christopher

      No, I think a lot of people are now coming to the realization that liberals are just as much a steaming pile of hate-mongers as conservatives.

  • Sherrie Larrea

    Guess it was the 'racist Arizonans' fault the Seahawks lost! Typical liberal garbage. And what a coward Mr Fitzgibbon is for trying to call it mere 'trash talking.'

  • Kit

    The 2013 Federal government shut down was caused by the Tea Party. It cost all of us 25 billion dollars. Republicans lost any shred of credibility they might have had before that. What our local bozo says pales in comparison to the Republicans.

  • Doug

    Conservatives have ruined the future for our children. All the bank failures, foreclosures and the 2008 financial crisis were caused during the Bush/Cheney administration. Where's our 401 k money honey?

  • d77dave

    Let me get this correct Joe Fitzgibbon Democratic State Rep in WA can make a comment that insults all the people of a state in this country and the only comment found from the Democratic Party is they agree that there needs to be reform and forgiveness on immigration even for those that break the law.

    Yet a person quotes a book that was written nearly 2000 years ago and read and believed by billions of people is placed on leave.

    Guess they will be passing a law that unless you agree with everything that Liberals and the Democratic party believes in you can not live free.

  • Joe

    So Doug, how does a "no class" comment from a "no class" representative of the state of Washington end up with Bush and Chaney ruining our children's future? The reality is this kind of comment should never have been made and especially from a state representative–he should be embarrassed and all of Washington should be as well. Regarding your "off-topic" comment, I believe you should do some research regarding who was at the root of the financial problems of 2008–Bush, Clinton and Congress all own a piece of it–both Democrat and Republican. You should stop repeating what you hear on MSNBC and all the liberal news media and think for yourself (and no my information and opinion did not come from FOX news).