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Seattle police agree to new use-of-force policy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A U.S. District Court judge accepted a new use-of-force policy between the Department of Justice and Seattle police in an effort to bring court-mandated reforms to the department.

The new use-of-force policy changes the way officers use and report force, according to the DOJ.

spd3The new regulations were submitted to U.S. District Judge James L. Robart. The 70-page policy requires all but minimal force be reported, and replaces the previous 5-page policy currently in place at the SPD.

The new policy requires that officers be armed with one less-than-lethal tools and the building of a new Force Investigation Team, to be implemented whenever officers use force. The DOJ found that SPD officers were too quick to use force and used too much when they did.

DOJ officials called the new force policies further proof that the SPD is trying to improve the ways of a previously beleaguered and belligerent department.

“This policy will help ensure that the people of Seattle have a police department that respects the Constitution, secures the safety of the public and earns the confidence of the community,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Jocelyn Samuels.

The new policy will receive input from the Community Police Commission before it is slated to go into effect.

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  • guest

    here's a better idea, citizens respect and obey law enforcement and those that don't get full use of force against them! this whole thing is so ridiculous.

    • Smiles

      Respect is earned; and threat of "full use of force" for anything but imminent danger, is no way to earn respect…it only creates fear. I for one, would rather not live in fear.

  • The World is Ending

    I would like to know if the people who came up with the new guidelines have every actually every worked in law enforcement at the street level. Sometimes the police tend to over react, there have been news stories where a guy armed with a knife or some kind of a cudgel was shot something like 100 times by 10 or 15 cops, when something like this happens every one of them should loose their job for being mentally unstable, because in a situation like this they just wanted to shoot and kill the guy, because one or two shots would stop the guy. I also have another question I see traffic stops all the time where it looks like every cop for several miles shows up, does it really take 10 guys to write a ticket?

    • Gary

      You deal with people who could kill you in an instant and tell them tell me what kind of precautions you woul take. I literally hate people like you. You have no clue as to what's going on. You probably drove by one or two cops pulling someone over and assumed it was a good working person they pulled over and thirty cops showed up to write a ticket. That's what's going on in your dumb head. However, in reality, the guy they have pulled over has multiple felonies for assaulting police, there are three other guys in the back seat and they all are known gang members. Also, further evidence of your stupidity. If 10 cops all fire a few rounds at someone, how many rounds will that be? Let's use your retarded logic…. If some one is armed with a deadly weapon and intent on killing you leaving your kids without a father or mother, are they supposed to fire one round, stop to see if it worked and fire again until it does?

      God you are dumb and wi never get it. The first guy got it. How about obey the law and don't try to kill cops or anyone else? If you pull a gun, knife, baseball bat, car or any other deadly object at the police, I do not care what happens to the criminal. I do not care if the cops shot him with one bullet or a thousand.

      The problem is we have idiot adults like you running around who hate authority and constantly point te finger at the good guys and defend their fellow scum low life garbage people.