Dry tomorrow; scattered showers Saturday; cold front Sunday

SEATTLE — Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We have about 24 hours before the next system rolls this way.

Black Friday should be basically dry with highs near 48 degrees, but things begin to change by Saturday. Scattered showers will move in and out of Western Washington as warmer air filters into the area. Highs on Saturday will be in the lower 50s.

weatherpicBy Sunday, a cold front sweeps through, providing wind, rain and snow for the mountains. The snow level will start at around 6,000 feet, but will drop to 2,000 feet by Monday morning. Ten to 24 inches of snow is expected during that time period.

Lowland snow remains in the forecast as temperatures drop to freezing by Monday night. Our temperatures begin to drop every day next week until we land in the mid-30s for daytime highs by Thursday.


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