Gun safety campaign aimed at protecting kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE – Citing dozens of preventable deaths and injuries, King County officials launched a new campaign on Monday called Safe Storage Saves Lives, a plea to ask residents to lock up all firearms and keep them out of the hands of children and criminals.

Armed with a stack of statistics, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced a new campaign to protect kids from the guns in their own homes.

“The evidence is clear. Safe storage saves lives,” Constantine said.

gunsCounty officials, local law enforcement and firearm retailers are teaming up to get the word out to prevent avoidable deaths and injuries.

Between 1999 and 2012, 68 children in King County died from gunshot wounds and 125 others were seriously injured by gunfire.

Constantine said, “Having 30,000 loaded and unlocked guns in homes and 5,000 kids in those homes is a prescription for tragedy.”

Unsecured weapons are also prime targets in residential burglaries. Those stolen guns are often used to commit other crimes or shootings.

King County Sheriff John Urquhart said, “It’s time for lock boxes and gun safes to be as normal as wearing a seatbelt.”

Experts suggest that guns should be unloaded and stored in one place and ammo should be kept locked away in a different location.

Retailers such asSports Authority, Costco and others will be offering discounts on locks and safes from now through the end of 2014 as part of the program.

Constantine said, “This could become the new norm. If you have a gun in your home, it should be safely stored.”

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  • Melvin

    This is “about the kids” as much as school bond issues are “about the kids”.
    “Save the Kids” is the the favorite slogan for the Liberals seeking higher taxes and more control over our lives. You suckers bend over ever time you hear “Save the Kids”.
    School bond issues are for the administration and the union lining their pockets…….not the kids.
    Gun control is about government control over our lives……….not safety. The statics are very clear on this.

  • getoffmylawn

    If anyone bothers to actually read the stats from the study "The Impact of Firearms on King County’s Children: 1999 – 2012", published 11/25/2013 you will find the real story. This article suggest if everyone just "locks" up their guns then the "kids" will be protected. Well, there is the real story. Why this reporter did not actually read the study and comment on the results is just lazy journalism. Of course, it would go against the liberal storyline that kids are being killed everyday as a result of unlocked firearms.

    Reading just the initial couple of pages of the study completely refutes Constantine slogan "“The evidence is clear. Safe storage saves lives. Here are some facts from the actual study
    68 children younger than 18 were killed by firearms in King County. 62% of those were homicides. Of this category, 3.5 per 100,000 are between ages 15 – 17. Not really "children". A quote directly form the study "Firearm homicide victims were more likely to be male, Black, and between the ages of 15 and 17."

    I could go on, but I think any reasonable intelligent person knows that Constantine and politicians like him are just grandstanding and this "lock up your guns" will have very little, if any impact on the overall homicide rate. They should be spending time and money on why this one sub-set of the population is highly represented in this category.

    here is another bit of information from the study "Drug and alcohol use appears common among victims of firearm homicides.". It is unlikely that this demographic will bother to "lock up" their guns.

    As for suicides, I think this is a much more complex issues. Yes, locking up firearm my temporarily stop a suicide, but many of these people, absent any real help, will find other ways if no firearm is available.

    So to refute Constantine, the lack of safe storage is a very small impact on the overall rate of deaths by firearms under 18.

  • John Templar

    1) Experts say. Experts say. Experts say. CRAP journalism! These are just the usual suspects.. the liberal talking heads that lie and manipulate statistics to continue their crusade against guns. Gun grabbing liars always include statistics for 'children' who are 16-17 year old criminals, suicides and people shot by cops.

    2) As soon as I heard this, I turned to my wife and said 'Relax, more lies from the gun grabbers. I'll bet they're including teenage gang menbers.'… and YUP! I was right and the journalist quoting expert, expert, expert was lazy and not doing his job!

    3) The solutions are HYSTERICAL! Really if you're going to pull apart your weapon of self defense and put it into a safe with no bullets… JUST THROW IT AWAY! There is NO WAY you'll be able to work a safe and/or put bullets in s a gun while adrenaline and terror are gripping your body! AN UNLOADED GUN IS A BAD CLUB! The BEST solution is to RAISE AND CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN!

    4) STOP watching news channels that regurgitate the lies of pacifists while chanting 'expert, expert, expert.'

    5) Look at the comment section and find 'the other side' that the journalist failed to mention.

  • davewilliams9

    Where did "Having 30,000 loaded and unlocked guns in homes" come from? Did someone knock on doors and ask? I doubt it. This is just a made up figure from averages. Are my guns locked up? Yes. Except the one i have out to protect me from, misunderstood youths, or Obama voters, or whatever we are supposed to call them these days.