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Bulldozer suspect thought he was ‘crucified’

bulldozerPORT ANGELES – The Port Angeles man accused of driving his bulldozer into and destroying multiple homes last May told psychologists that he thought he had been ‘crucified’ at some point, in his garage, the Peninsula Daily News reported.  Barry A. Swegle, 51, spoke to doctors at Western State Hospital last month, telling that he believes a scar on his chin is evidence of his crucifixtion.  Swegle’s account is contain in an October 22nd mental evaluation that the Peninsula Daily news obtained.

Swegle also reportedly told the psychologists that he believes that his brother and his defense attorney may be conspiring against him in the case in which Swegle is charged with tearing a path of destruction through the Gales Addition neighborhood on May 10th.

Clallam County Superior Court Judge George L. Wood cited the report in declaring Swegle mentally incompetent to stand trial, ordering him to undergo treatment at Western State Hospital in Lakewood.

Swegle is currently in Clallam County Jail on $1 million dollars bail.  He is scheduled to appear on January 14, 2014 in Superior Court for a review of his treatment, the paper reported.


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