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SeaTac’s $15 minimum wage proposal winning in early election results


Courtesy: The Stand

SEATAC, Wash. — The SeaTac ‘Good Jobs Initiative’ to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for workers in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and at airport-related businesses was winning 54-46%, with 3,283 votes counted Tuesday night.

Under the mail-in voting system in Washington state, ballots mailed with Tuesday’s postmark are still counted once they come in. So votes will continue to be counted.

Could the small Seattle suburb of SeaTac set a national precedent?

The measure, prompted by frustration over a lack of a federal wage increase initiative, isn’t just on Washington state’s ballot as New Jersey, Alaska, South Dakota and Idaho either have it on the ballot or are working to gather signatures. 

Supporters of the proposal were celebrating Tuesday night’s election results.

“The victory in SeaTac means that workers at the Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King,  and Starbucks at our airport will see their pay rise to $15/hour along with thousands of others,” said Ryan Parker, a fast food striker who works at Wendy’s in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. “If they can do it in SeaTac, we can do it in Seattle, too.”

The proposal, if it is approved, will ensure a $15 minimum wage for more than 6,000 workers in and around the airport.

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  • Gar

    There's some irony considering those who would argue in favor of $15/hr min wage believe that people should be less selfish, and that we need to redistribute wealth, and have more "equality." Yet, what do they do? They demand, through the threat of government retaliation, that their employers give more to them. What's more selfish than forcing someone to give you more than they think they should?

    When it comes down to it, businesses are in it for the bottom line. Sure, they can moan on one hand about how these businesses are greedy yadda yadda, but don't they share that same desire for more money? Oh, but it's different, right? Because someone who dedicates their life to running a business certain doesn't deserve more money than the uneducated masses who aren't skilled enough to be of any value to an employer other than that of a fast food restaurant.

    So, bottom line matters, right? What happens when the costs of your business increase? The only response: The revenue generated by that business must increase. And in this case, there are only two significant ways to do that: Hire less people and fire who you already have, or raise the price of your good or service.

    Good job, you selfish, short sighted children. Everyone owes you a living.

    • John

      I think you will find the opposite as many employers will move their businesses away from the ridiculous minimum wage requirements.

  • obbop

    I support Revolutionary War Two to stop this ongoing class war and accompanying life-long indoctrination via the most effective propaganda systems ever created.

    Reading the comments above I detect some of that embedded indoctrination bursting forth.

    Mental slave chains are stronger than steel.