LAX shooting causes delays, groundings at Sea-Tac

SEA-TAC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — The shooting at the Los Angeles airport Friday had a ripple effect on airports around the country, including at Sea-Tac, where dozens of flights arrive and depart every day.

seataccopsLAX went into lockdown, halting all flights. There were some flight cancellations at Sea-Tac, and throughout the day most flights from Seattle to Los Angeles were grounded, with many passengers sitting on planes and waiting to eventually take off.

“Any flights headed to LAX will be held on the ground here until they get the OK that they can have a place to land, a place to park once they get to L.A.,” said Perry Cooper, spokesman for Sea-Tac. It took a few hours before the mandatory grounding was lifted.

Lillian Myer was on one of the last flights to leave Los Angeles for Seattle, when the news came that a gunman opened fire on TSA agents in the  LAX terminal. Her flight made it to Seattle on time.

“We started getting text messages regarding the incident that had happened, and it was incredibly scary,” said Myer. “We felt very lucky to be on board.”

Her flight made in into Seattle on time. The passengers flying out of Seattle saw an apparent increase in security, with armed guards at every checkpoint.

“It’s basically a high-visibility situation for us,” said Cooper. “In a lot of normal situations, those people may be there already, but they may be in a plain-clothes situation. This just becomes a situation where we take those folks and make them more visible to the public.”

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