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City council tells local girl she’s got to get rid of pet pygmy goat

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FEDERAL WAY — Despite the best efforts of a 12-year-old girl, the Federal Way City Council voted to deny Ava Anissipour’s request to keep a pygmy goat as a household pet.

By a vote of 6-1, the council declined a motion for the city’s planning commission to pursue a code revision that would allow Ava to keep her goat, the Federal Way Mirror reported.

Anissipour and her two goats first made headlines in July when her family was cited by the city’s animal services. Neighbors complained about the goats, specifically the odor and the noise that the two goats generated. One of the goats was designated as a service animal and allowed to stay on the family’s property.

City code classifies goats as large domestic animals that require a minimum property size of 70,000 square feet, the Mirror reported. As a result of the code violation, one of the goats had to go.

Anissipour had addressed city leaders about why the city should allow each of her goats to “stay under one roof.” She said that pygmy goats are herd animals who need to live in pairs. She also argued that goats behave better — and smell better — than most dogs.

At least two neighbors at the council meeting disagreed, and in the end the council voted to leave the city code unchanged.

“The neighbors have a right to enjoy their homes that they have bought and paid for… and not smell the terrible and offensive odor,” councilmember Dini Duclos said, the Mirror reported.

For her part Anissipour, said,”Right now Juju is at a friend’s house. We are going to keep fighting.”

Girl lobbies to keep pet pygmy goats

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  • jzerm

    @Jim Oliver, you are totally right about normal goats, however we are talking about pygmy goats, which actually make excellent pets and service animals. I'll refrain from calling names. Plus, this pygmy being a service animal is not a "claim" according to the article. Its a registered, legal fact. What's your experience with goats to make you such an expert?

  • Splash

    Sorry, but as cute as pygmy goats are and as good a pet as they can be, they are still farm animals. If you want farm animals then you need to move to where they are allowed and not push them on your neighbors that clearly thought they lived in the "city". There are many community s that have enough land around the house to allow for these types of pets, you don't have to own a large farm to keep them.

  • Mark

    But the neighbor that has the all night barking dog that your can hear 3 blocks over, cops or animal control won't say anything to the owners…

    • jzerm

      True Mark, I work for an association management company. In single-family style associations, if your dog is a barking nuisance it is a neighbor to neighbor issue. Aside from talking to the neighbor about the noise (which doesnt always work) the only thing you can do is call the cops if its late at night and the dog is very loud and the police will knock on the door, maybe cite them if repeat offenders.Youcan call animal control or the police if you think the animal is being abused. These pygmy goats are very quite compared to barking dogs. Their feces is easy to clean (little pellets) although they do urinate alot. if this family is keeping the place clean and hygenic, it makes sense to make an exception. The rules are outdated and don't take into account pygmy goats. I suspect there is more of a human-human problem at the heart of this rather than a human-animal problem.