Father charged for alleged shaking of baby that caused brain damage

TACOMA – Raymon Tyhia, 35, of Tacoma, was charged Wednesday with first-degree assault of a child for allegedly shaking his 7-week-old daughter so violently that he caused brain damage, Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist said.

gavelOn Oct. 3, Tyhia and the baby’s mother argued about dressing the victim, the prosecutor’s office said in a news release. Angry that the baby was crying, the defendant forcefully grabbed the victim by the leg and dragged her towards him, across the couple’s king-sized bed, and forced her into her crib, he said.

The baby continued to cry, so the defendant yanked her out of the crib by her armpit, causing her head to violently bounce back and forth several times. The defendant said the victim stopped crying and appeared to be “out of it” for a few seconds, but then started crying again, the statement said.

“Statements from the mother and the grandmother, along with the injuries, indicate there had been other incidents of violent shaking,” the statement said.

The victim’s mother and the defendant took the child to Mary Bridge Hospital on Oct. 9 because she had not eaten since the day before, and was rolling her eyes and screaming. The victim was diagnosed with brain damage, brain hemorrhage and subdural hematoma. The child remains in the hospital for care and observation.

The defendant was arraigned Wednesday and bail was set at $500,000.

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  • guest

    treat this so called father the exact same way he treated his sweet little daughter. Lock him up for life, and make sure his fellow prisoners know what he's doing time for. They will take it from there. And it goes without saying that he should never be allowed to see her tip she is old enough to decide for herself.

  • gloria smith

    the real justice will happen by the other offenders who he will share the next 10 years with the mother needs to get some parenting classes and should be held accountable for letting this happen some people just shouldn't have kids they don't come with directions and sometimes they are up for days and no one sleeps but we deal with it being angry at the baby doesn't help the condition they are highly sensitive and that adds to the problem hope somebody will be there to monitor future care of this poor baby