Shutdown blues: Park goers fined for entering ‘closed’ park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
park tickets

Photo courtesy Kelly Sanders

SEATTLE — Breaking the rules can cost you — to the tune of $125 — as three park goers recently found out.

The Peninsula Daily News reported that three drivers were given the pricey citations after ignoring post signs that said Marymere Falls park was closed. The park has been closed since the Oct. 1 government shutdown.

Kelly Sanders, a  sixth-grade teacher from Port Angeles, was hoping to show the sights to some international students she was hositng from Japan. But when they got out of their car for a photo op at the Storm King Ranger Station, Park Ranger Jennifer Jackson showed up and cited Sander for “Violation of Closure (Government Shutdown,” the paper reported.

And Sanders wasn’t the only one ticketed — two others headed to the park also earned themselves a citation.

Sanders and Leanne Potts said Jackson seemed “remorseful” writing the tickets and said they could challenge the tickets, something they each said they would do.

For the complete Peninsula Daily story, go here.

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  • Guest

    The Ranger said she wasn't getting paid to be there. Sounds like she sides with Obama and wants to punish citizens for the Republicans questioning him and trying to stand in his way of more power and control.

  • Linda H

    Shame on those aggressive park rangers. That is ridiculous. I feel that this regime (note: I no longer say "government") is mean and punitive.

  • anonymous

    This woman is a teacher…. She is supposed to be a role model. She teaches her kids at school to follow the rules and tells them not to bend the rules…… Why would she teach her kids that it is OK to break the rules and go into the park?!?! She deserves the tickets and should pay them and apologize to her students for breaking the rules.