Vendor accused of asking 12-year-old girl to expose chest for free ice cream

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATAC — It is one of the joys of being a kid — the ice cream truck.

Now an ice cream vendor is in trouble with the law over what he allegedly asked a minor to do.

The accused is Harpreet Singh Tiwana, 42. The alleged victim is a 12-year-old girl, who says the vendor wanted her to show him her chest for free ice cream.


SeaTac’s Angle Lake Park

On nice days, families are drawn to Angle Lake Park.

Lyuda Redka, a park visitor, said Tuesday it’s also a place where her son would get excited to hear the familiar call of the ice cream man.

“He looked like a nice guy, every time we came here he was here,” said Redka, adding that the vendor seemed harmless.

But Tiwana is now accused of soliciting a strip show from a minor on Sept. 8.

“It was shocking for me I didn’t expect anything like that,” Redka said.

The victim told detectives she and a 15-year-old girl noticed the vendor staring at them as they were going in and out of the park bathroom.  She said the vendor told them they looked “sexy,” offered the girls free ice cream and then asked the 12-year-old to expose her chest.

“Who does that? Who says that stuff? That it is out of control,” said Seatac resident Muhammed Young.

The ice cream vendor told detectives it was the girl’s idea to expose herself after she asked for ice cream and refused to pay for it. Tiwana told police he rejected the girl’s offer.

At his home, Tiwana’s wife said Tuesday that he wasn’t there, but that her husband is innocent.

Tiwana was licensed to sell ice cream at the various parks in SeaTac. The city said his license has since been suspended.

Tiwana is charged with one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

In Tiwana’s case, it’s only a gross misdemeanor because he does not have a criminal history. If he is convicted, he can serve up to a year in prison and would have to register as a sex offender.

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  • clint

    I bet he is innocent. These days are crooked,it is popularity that will drive young girls to ruin other peoples life’s with out any though or care. It just goes to show you what this world is coming to.the lure of easy money and the popularity of being on destroying our youths morals.why does it seem to be more commen in the u.s.? What is it that has undermined our great sense of family and the great respect that we used to hold for our fellow man in this once great nation? What is it gonna take to instill these attributes again in our youth…and in all??? I tell u what….I think were about to find out!!! I for see a horrible revolution many many years of internal fighting I think will be the shot to the morals that unfortunately is probably one of the last chanc es we might have before the rest of the world does it for us… We want to do it on our own under our rule not as a territory of some other!!!! God speed.

    • Michale

      I wouldn't go as far as saying he's innocent, but I wouldn't be shocked if he was. No matter how much our morals have declined, I don't think it's very common for a 12YO to suggest exposing herself to a 42 year old man (as he stated). If he were 16 or 18, it would be possible….42..nope.

    • ><>Fish<><

      What has undermined our youth's great sense of morals, respect, and country. That's an easy question. Mtv has. We're a party country now. Jackass taught them to be destructive, Jersey Shore taught them to be oversexed, lazy D-bags, and all their other crap Mtv shows teaches that only social related topics are important. When our middle class implodes all that will be left are these misguided kids to carry America and we all know they can't.
      And oh yea, the ice cream man is guilty IMO.

    • Guest

      What has destroyed our morals? Mitt Romney was asked this very thing. His response was the broken family and absent, dead best fathers. Democrats and liberals laughed at him and made fun of him. Until we can admit the problem and start JUDGING people again, it will get worse.

  • Alex

    A similar thing happened to a friend of mine in San Francisco. He was a licensed taxi driver and a 14 year old girl offered sex in exchange for a ride. When he refused, she contacted the police and told them that he had offered a ride for sex. He’s now a registered sex offender for doing the right thing. It’s disgusting how the law takes sides with no evidence. What happened to a conviction requiring substantial proof rather than hearsay. One persons account shouldn’t be valued more than another’s.