Church circulates petition to save park’s Honey Bucket

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


ballard honey bucket

Photo courtesy of Ballard News Tribune

From our news partner the Ballard News Tribune — St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, supported by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce, has started a petition to keep the Ballard Commons Honey Bucket past its take down date of Oct. 11.

The petition reads: “This Honey Bucket serves a critical public health function in downtown Ballard for all of us who visit and enjoy this heavily used urban park. The long-term goal for downtown Ballard is to establish a permanent restroom for the general public in the Ballard Commons Park as is usual in other city parks. The current well-serviced Honey Bucket is an important interim public facility for the community until the long-term goal of building a permanent facility can be accomplished. … Many folks from across our community are depending on your good will and civic spirit so that they will have a healthy place to ‘go’ in downtown Ballard that preserves both their dignity and the public health of the community.”

Having a restroom at Ballard Commons has been a contentious subject. According to a petition last year, some residents think that it attracts unwanted characters; others think having a public restroom is a much-needed service in the neighborhood, while most said they think the Honey Bucket is an eyesore.

Businesses, and notably the church, have a good reason to want to keep a public restroom: It keeps people from urinating and defecating on their property.



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1 Comment

  • Hog

    Ballard has become a boozy DUI zone with lots of drunks wandering around. They need this plastic comfort shed. It is safer that Pioneer Square, so come on down!