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Showers and cooler temps return

SEATTLE — After a fabulous fall weekend, the showers and cooler temps are back. It’s breezy-to-windy as well today. Yesterday’s high was 73, today we’ll top out in the upper 50s.

Tomorrow, showers continue, then taper off late in the day.  Highs mid-to-upper 50s.  Wednesday looks like the nicest day of the week — morning fog, afternoon sun, highs low 60s. There is a slight chance of a little rain on Thursday with a dying low that moves through, upper 50s.

Friday looks mostly cloudy with perhaps some rain late and overnight into Saturday.  Right now, the weekend looks pleasant — partly sunny with highs near 60.  BUT — don’t put money on it yet, it’s still too far off to know for sure.

Viewer photos of the day . . .


Double rainbow. From Nikita in Yelm.


Abbey Bominable, from Monster High. This is McKenna, from Amanda in Puyallup.


Jayden, the little witch. From Amanda in Puyallup.

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