JBLM, Puget Sound Naval Station civilian employees return to work

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

jblmJOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD — As the government shutdown begins its second week, thousands of Defense Department employees at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and at the Puget Sound Naval Station are returning to work.

About 16,000 civilians work at JBLM and many of them were told to stay home during the government shutdown. But over the weekend, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the elimination of those furloughs for hundreds of thousands across the country.

Darin Allsop is heading back in to work as a mechanic on the base after staying home for a week. He says not knowing when he would return has been the toughest part.

“It’s been like a Sunday every day because I’ve been watching the news every day not knowing whether I am going back to work or not, not knowing if unemployment’s going to kick in or not,” Allsop said. “Then it came up the retroactive pay, wondering when that’s going to start. So it’s just been, it hasn’t been a vacation that’s for sure.”

He said he hopes folks in Washington D.C. get their act together.

“It’s sad really. Seems so simple, the solutions,” he said. “Two simple solutions that could play out but it seems like they’re too hard headed to come to a conclusion or a solution.”

For more information on civilians returning to work, click here.

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  • Pete

    This shutdown was caused by the Republican party. The GOP and Tea Party are trying to blackmail the President by threatening a default on the nation's line of credit. This is a very dangerous situation for the Republicans and will backfire on them in the next elections.
    Why is the GOP trying to ruin the economy AGAIN? Very stupid! Michele Bachmann is an idiot!

    • Anonymous

      You know the debt ceiling has nothing to do with the US not paying it’s bills right? The debt ceiling is just that, being able to add MORE debt. Ever heard of a credit card? Same concept.

      You know the Democrats shut down the government 8 times during the Reagan presidency. Short term memory much? You are the perfect example of a low information voter and reason we have an idiot in the White House. You also seem to forget that the MAJORITY of Americans do NOT want Obamacare and the Republicans are the only ones listening. The Democrats are acting like this country is a dictator state already. Close, but hopefully not yet.

      KEEP THE SHUTDOWN GOING!! The key to sucessful government is compromise and Obama and his cronies don’t know what that word means.

      • Voter

        USA is still trying to dig out of the last Republican depression!

        The Affordable Care Law was passed, signed by the President and the Supreme Court approved it. What more needs to be said? What more information does a voter need? Romney lost the election because he would not have approved "Obamacare" even though it was similar to his plan in Mass.
        The Republicans are uneducated low information out -of -touch voters. Living in bubble doesn't make one well informed. Republicans are terrorists bent on ruining the economy.

        • Anonymous

          You’re so right, because Republicans had the majority in Congress towards the end of Bush’s second term. Oh wait, the Democrats were. The same ones who bailed out the auto industry and Wall Street. You want to see what the country will look like if Obama and Reid get their way? Take a look at Detroit.

    • Guest

      Pete, you're a moron. I know you libtards like to always point fingers and never accept responsibility for anything but Obama is the one running around saying "I will not negotiate."

      Also, do you realize the economy was in decline when Bush came I to office? Also, do you realize the actions democrats took in order to facilitate the mortgage crisis???

      I'm guessing no. Keep wathing John Stewart for your news Pete.

      • Pete

        The is no reason to have further negotiations on the Affordable Health Care Law – that already happened several years ago when you were asleep at the wheel. The Supreme Court gave it the OK! We had the election already and Obama won. Read-up on it.

        This Republican shutdown is pure blackmail and nothing more.

  • anonymous

    And BTW, Not all civilian employees are returning. There goes the media getting it wrong again. I really hope people get more educated before next elections. We really need to take our country back.