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Walkers with a vision

Vision walkSEATTLE – Saturday morning’s fog lifted, giving way to bright sunshine, and hundreds of people walked united, with a clear vision.  Their vision: to bring awareness and to fight blindness. Washington’s VisionWalk brought more than 200 people, some of them visually impaired, out to Seattle’s Magnuson Park.  Their mission was to raise money to fight blinding diseases like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and Usher syndrome which affect more than 10 million Americans.

“The research and gene replacement thereapies that are taking place now to cure these terrible diseases are amazing.  With continued donations, these studies and therapies will continue to change the lives of those who are affected,” says Jessica Cooper, whose baby was diagnosed with Legers Congenital Amarosis, an inherited retinal degenerative disease.

Today’s VisionWalk raised more than $65,000.

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