Mid-week break in the rain

SEATTLE — We’re starting out with showers this morning, but we should dry up and see a little sun this afternoon. Still cool, with highs near 60.

Tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week — mostly sunny, mid 60s. Then, Friday . . . this is when meteorologists need to apologize/explain . . . the computer models have done a flip-flop and it looks like a system that (as of yesterday) was going to stay offshore through Saturday is now going to plow through on Friday!

So Friday & Saturday both look wet and it gets breezy too.  Sunday will be showery and breezy.  Monday and Tuesday there is a chance of showers.  It could be windy on Monday as well.

Viewer photos of the day . . .


Spotty bits of lenticular clouds in a blue sky. From Bob on Camano Island.


Clouds on the beach. Roger & Jennifer celebrated theri 46th anniversary at Ocean Shores and didn’t mind the weather!

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