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Undercover cops at Seahawks v. 49ers gets animated treatment

animated undercover cops at seahawks gameSEATTLE — TOMO News has given an animated spin to the announcement that undercover police will be dressed as 49ers fans at Sunday’s game in an effort to keep boisterous football fans from brawling with each other.

Watch the video here.

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  • Seahaw12thFan

    This animated video is ridiculous. All that is shown is excessive use of violence between the hawks and niner “fans” and the undercover cops macing, arresting, beating, etc. When it looks like its “needed” and isn’t. Complete with a guy pretending to shoot himself in the head. Are you kidding me?? Get freaking real. I get that this is animated but it could have been produced in a more respectable manner.

  • Reader

    SPD escalating conflicts, making bad things worse, making movie-esque violence from bar-room confrontation, no, sounds pretty much like standard procedure.

  • Xuven

    Just think the cops can dress up like a 49er fan start a fight by accosting or may be pushing a Seahawks fan around then when the Seahawks fan defends himself he gets arrested and taken to jail… I just think that SPD will be the aggressors here.

  • Kevin H

    I cannot believe that Q13 News would post this! By posting this, you're condoning the violence and portraying Seattle Seahawk fans as abusive. Shame on you Q13 for your poor choice in stories to post on your news site.

  • Joe

    See how the fans are visioned as de-evolutionary pigs while the players are presented as super human heroes and these fans sing along in good cheer and play the part. I don't believe this industrial machine has only inflicted brain damaged the players alone.

  • Chris

    As if the SPD doesn't have enough to do. So you pay ALL that money to come to a Seahawks game while the local pigs troll their own fans. I'm sure we will have no abuse here.. yeah right. Enjoy the free games on the tax payers dime.