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New capital for counterfeiting U.S. currency is south of the border

Counterfeit-Money-300×258LIMA, Peru – Peru is known for alpacas, the Andes and ceviche. It can now add the “U.S. dollar counterfeiting capital of the world” to its resume.

According to the U.S. Secret Service, more than $103 million in funny money have been seized from the country, overtaking Colombia’s counterfeiting efforts. MSN reports that, unlike some counterfeiters who use inkjet printers to print the bogus bills, the criminals in Peru use newspaper printers, then finish the rest by hand.

The Christian Science Monitor reports only the $100 bills are shipped to America, while $10 and $20 bills are sent to other South American countries like Argentina and Venezuela.

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1 Comment

  • elzwhere.nutduster

    Newspaper printers are kind of hard to hide.
    Waterboard a few of the Tire-Huggers, find out where the printers are, and bomb the f*ck out of 'em!
    F'ing Fence-Hoppers!