Muggy, then stormy weather later in week

SEATTLE — Monday marked the 37th day this year with highs above 80 degrees, (last year 19 and the average is 24). A great summer indeed.

Q13 FOX First ForecastThe weather changes this week, especially later in the week, but don’t worry we have plenty of warm summer days in the forecast.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be warm and muggy, with highs near 75. There will be a few passing showers but most will be near the mountains/foothills/coast. The metro area looks pretty good those days.

Thursday and Friday will be different. Highs will only be in the 60s and everyone gets wet these two days. There will be some thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday, as well. In fact, there looks like a period within those two days where it will be soaking rains. (updates to follow on the timing of the soaking rains).

This next weekend looks nice again and next week looks sunny and very warm. Back to the 80s for more summer.


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