Everett-based USS Nimitz reportedly to extend stay in Mideast

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT – In March, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz left its home port in Everett with 3,000 crew members on board. At the time, family members were told they were being deployed for six to 10 months. Now it’s unclear how long they’ll be gone.

South Korea Koreas TensionThe aircraft carrier reportedly had been relieved by the USS Harry S Truman in recent days and was set to sail back home. But early Monday, it was re-routed to the Red Sea instead.

“When it was the USS Lincoln, we prayed for them and we worried about them,” says Everett resident Mike Sams. “Now it’s the Nimitz. They’re doing their job and we have to support them the best way we can.”

Sams was in the Air Force and he has two sons currently serving overseas. So he understands what it’s like for the family members who are now wondering when they’ll see their loved ones again.

“I don’t worry about having sons in the armed forces. I believe it’s our duty to help protect the interests of this country. The military is one way to do that. We’re very proud of the fact they’re serving.”

He knows there are some people who question why the United States may strike Syria, and if it’s worth putting local lives at stake.

“When I was in the service, you went where they sent you and you did what they told you to do. And you trusted that the people in charge were making good decisions. I guess we still have to do that. Whatever we need to do to keep America strong and keep our interests alive in whatever region we’re in, it’s OK with me,” Sams said.

The crew of the Nimitz keep both a Facebook and Twitter page to stay in touch. They haven’t updated those in the last couple days, but late last week the captain wrote:  “We do not yet know the extent of our continued involvement, but I have every confidence that no matter what we are called to do, we will be successful.”

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