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Intruder breaks into Granite Falls City Hall to deliver manifesto

graniteA man is cooling his heels in jail after allegedly trying to break into the Granite Falls City Hall to deliver a rambling, two-page manifesto to police.

According to the Everett Herald, the man first started pounding on the door of the city’s police station around 2:30 Sunday afternoon, but it was closed.   Police say he crossed the street, kicked in the glass door of City Hall, and rummaged through offices there.

When police officer Rich Rutherford heard the noise, he went over and confronted the man, then arrested him.   The unwanted intruder asked him to read the manifesto, which declared drugs are love, and police officers are against drugs.  It continued, saying since “love is the law” in Granite Falls, police can’t enforce the laws.

To read more, click on:  Everett Herald story about Granite Falls break-in.

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