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Class-action lawsuit filed over Microsoft RT Surface sales

surfacetabletREDMOND — Microsoft has been slapped with another class-action lawsuit over its Surface tablet, according to the Seattle Times.  The lawsuit claims the company misled shareholders about how well the Surface RT was selling.

In addition to the company itself, the suit names CEO Steve Ballmer, and former CFO Peter Klein, among others.  The Times reports shareholders claim they violated federal securities laws by issuing false and misleading statements.

The lawsuit alleges that Microsoft was holding a huge inventory of unsold tablets by the end of the March 31 quarter but kept that fact from investors.

The Times says Microsoft has never said how many Surface tablets it has sold.  Microsoft has not commented on the suit.


3 Comments to “Class-action lawsuit filed over Microsoft RT Surface sales”

    John Fuller said:
    August 13, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    This just shows how much of a flop Windows 8 truly is. I would have purchased a Surface RT if it came loaded with Widows 7 Ultimate at a reasonable price. People would buy it as an alternative to declining Apple product interest. Microsoft has lost another crucial technology battle. Just after nearly losing the campus by holding on to Windows Mobile OS for too long which allowed Android to capitalize, now they open the door to be steam rolled in the thin tablet market. Steve Balimer needs to be replaced!

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