Hundreds of stolen items found — check out the photo page

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

stolen1EVERETT — Everett police have recovered hundreds of stolen items at an Edmonds motel that are believed to have been taken during recent car break-ins and burglaries in south Snohomish and north King counties.

The Everett Herald reported Thursday that the police found the room full of stolen goods when they confronted a suspect at Andy’s Motel on Tuesday morning.  The 30-year-old man was taken into custody.

The Edmonds Police Department has set up a page on a photo website.  Among the more than 100 items are jewelry, cellphones, power tools, watches, and baseball and basketball cards.

Victims of recent burglaries and thefts can view photos of the stolen items at

Anyone recognizing any of the property is asked to call Everett police detective Andy Mehl at 425-771-1780.

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  • Jonathan

    AWESOME! A lot of that stuff was stolen from our apartment last week; this is amazing. I am very curious to see the face of the one who was arrested, especially to see if he's the one who brought friends back with two stolen vehicles later in the week (and possibly brought another person to leave with our van, which we had already sent into the shop to get rekeyed).

  • JulzNW

    I hate to burst everyone's bubble. Steven and his crime network are probably back at it again. This guy's house was raided on June 26 and he was arrested after he was caught robbing a house in my neighborhood. He was released the next day and robbed my house on July 4. Sadly, burglary does not count toward the "three strikes" law… unless he used a gun in his robberies, which he does not. Some day, this guy will enter the wrong house… and he'll come face to face with a home owner who has a gun. That will be the only way this guy will be stopped since our legal system will not. By the way… my items are long gone.

  • Jonathan

    Seriously? They just let him go after burglary? Isn't that a multi-year offense?

    Interestingly, two days after we were burglarized we caught three car thieves transferring stuff from one stolen car to another. Apparently they thought no one was home in our corner of the apartment complex, but we have pictures that have been submitted to police. We're hoping to work with them to see if my wife recognizes this thief as one of the three people who we caught stealing cars; hopefully that will put him away.

  • Jonathan

    They need to do something; the car robberies and burglaries in our area have skyrocketed in the past few weeks.

    "Some day, this guy will enter the wrong house… and he'll come face to face with a home owner who has a gun. That will be the only way this guy will be stopped since our legal system will not."

    That's another problem (in a sense); even if police are understaffed and can't be bothered about anything not life-threatening, they have to realize that powerless citizens do what they can to be secure when the police won't do anything.

    By the way, have you been able to find an image of this guy online? We've been searching but haven't found one attached to any article.