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Downtown Seattle businesses complain to mayor about crime

SEATTLE — The Downtown Seattle Association sent city officials a letter stating that recent violence in the city is troubling and unacceptable.

seattle_police[1]The group says the level of intimidation, physical assault and violence in the city is begging for more police officers on the streets.

The letter names specific violent incidents, including a case last week when a man walked around smashing windows of cars and businesses.

It also points to Westlake Park as a haven for criminal activity. The group says the level of violence is unacceptable and it is demanding immediate attention.

In response, Mayor Mike McGinn said he takes the concerns seriously.

But city officials say crime overall is at a 30-year low. Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel stood by the mayor’s side, saying his two daughters live in the downtown area and he feels the area is safe.

Seattle police say they are hiring eight more officers this week and hope to have 30 more officers on the streets by next summer.

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