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Security questions raised about proposed pot rules

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OLYMPIA — Some Washington lawmakers are questioning the state’s proposed rules for regulating legal pot, especially the rules surrounding security, at grow operations and retailers.

potState Rep. Christopher Hurst, D-Enumclaw, who chairs the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, also spent 25 years in law enforcement.

Hurst said he believes it’s critical that future pot retailers and growers are secure, not just for customers, but so the state can police an industry that has been illegal until now.

“We’re trying to keep these businesses honest,” Hurst said. “Make sure what you’re selling in there is an approved product, that they’re paying taxes on it, and that they’re playing by the rules.”

At a hearing on the issue, Hurst had a lot of questions for the state Liquor Control Board, which is creating the rules for legal marijuana.

The proposed rules do require surveillance cameras and lock-boxes for recording devices, but they leave it up to the individual businesses to install them. Hurst believes it should be more regulated.

He wants state-approved installation and inspection of those cameras, similar to the process in Colorado.

“You have an approved system, that are absolutely bullet-proof and that’s what Colorado did, so I think that’s a good model,” Hurst said.

Randy Simmons is in charge of crafting those rules at the Liquor Control Board. He admitted Hurst has valid concerns, but said a lot of the rules will likely change over the next year.

The liquor laws in Washington have changed every year since 1933, and he believes marijuana won’t be any different.

“I think until it’s really up and running in a legal marketplace, you’re going to have problems, you’re going to have some of the same issues you have out there now,” said Simmons. “There is theft in the illicit marketplace right now, so I think security is a really big issue.”

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    Folks, don't buy into all the bureaucratic nonsense from the inept Liquor Control Board. Just continue buying your marijuana from the same people you currently buy from. Why should the state be involved in this at all???

  • GarethB1

    I've always enjoyed the dank, but hated conducting business transactions with less-than-savory individuals. I look forward to a system of regulation, quality control, and safe procurement of my favorite little plant pal…

  • John Fuller

    This is absolute Hog Wash. The state just wants to cash in and milk the working class for tax dollars for the LOSER Washington State Legislature to squander on Junket Trips and Overtime Sessions. Medical marijuana users don't need the state to regulate how good the product is. Most people deal with the same dealers that they trust and can provide pharmaceutical grade premium product. High grade Sativa and Indica. We don't need no Lame State Protection to tax the local grower out of business and totally ruin an honest business opportunity so that working class people can't earn extra money to pay for grossly over priced gas and totally over priced food and services from Starbucks and Whole Foods.

  • what ever

    garethb1 why are you buying from less than savory indaviduals there are plenty of bad ass pot dealers get your self a new one thats cool its not hard just dont deal with any one under the age if 35 and you will see the differance

  • freedom 35

    LEO moonlighting as a state lawmaker… great. Based on his command of the English language I have to wonder how he ever got into office.

    “You have an approved system, that are absolutely bullet-proof and that’s what Colorado did, so I think that’s a good model,” Hurst said."

    Hey Hurst… while your add it, let's allow for home cultivation like Colorado. I think that is a good model too!