SeaTac ‘Good Jobs Initiative’ going on November ballot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Courtesy: The Stand

SEATAC — The SeaTac City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to put a living wage initiative on the November ballot.

The “Good Jobs Initiative” would set employment standards for workers employed in the transportation, tourism and hospitality industries in SeaTac, including paid sick leave, full-time work for those who need it, a wage of at least $15 an hour, job security for employees when companies change contractors, and assurances that tips and service charges go to the workers who perform the service.

The measure would cover businesses in and around the airport, including airport baggage handling, passenger services, cabin cleaning, aircraft fueling, security, and retail stores, along with hotels, rental car and parking lot facilities. Small businesses and non-airport related businesses are specifically exempt.

Initiative supporters delivered more than 2,500 signatures to the SeaTac City Clerk’s Office last month. Only 1,541 valid signatures were required to qualify the measure in the city.

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  • Will

    I understand everyone wants a better paying job. My only concern with this is how are the employers going to afford the increase? The money had to come from somewhere. So with your great idea of demanding higher wages for jobs that traditionally haven’t been a high paying or skill based jobs. Who’s goning to pay. What companies are you planning on shutting down? I do not see more jobs coming out of this measure. Everyone feels that they are worth more. People strive for more in your life don’t expect handouts. You want livable wages go to school or get training to qualify for a better living. Don’t demand higher wages cause you just might be the one out if a job.

  • JPG

    This is going to shut down the hotels in that area. Owner's will no longer be turning a profit with having to absorb this huge increase to payroll, taxes and benefits. So by all means. Vote yourselves out of your jobs if that is what you really want.

  • Worker

    You guys better do a little research before commenting here. i worked at the seatac airport where companies like alaska airline make a record profits every year and we're not even paid a single dime as bonus where all the managers were paid millions in bonus. and it was us (the workers) that made that profit so yes these corporates can afford to pay us living wages if they do fair but now they will have no choice in november

  • OZ the Worker

    Plus the initiative will only target the corporate and big businesses not the small business with less than 30 employees so yes it encourages small businesses to do well and compete with other businesses

  • Guest

    I'm sorry but I have had to deal with fast food workers that if their register malfunctions they can't even count my change back to me…worth $15 an hour….not.

  • BoB

    "small businesses …. are specifically exempt"
    These are 24 x 7 x 365 businesses. No hotel can operate with less than 30 employees. Maybe a fleebag motel will be exempt but no hotel.

    Everything out there is labor intensive and needs to run 24 hours a day. Plenty of "small" businesses will be caught up in this.