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Measure could keep some illegal immigrants from being deported

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — The King County Council is considering a new ordinance that would protect certain immigrants from being held in jail solely for possible deportation by federal authorities.


An inside look at the King County Jail.

Councilman Larry Gossett is proposing a new rule that would keep the Immigration  and Customs Service, or ICE, from detaining illegal immigrants who have committed minor crimes or haven’t been charged by prosecutors.

“The perception right now is that local law enforcement is tied into immigration enforcement and that’s because of the jail that turns them over to ICE,” said Jorge Baron with The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.

Right now, immigrants at the King County Jail can be detained up to 90 days while ICE investigates. Supporters of the new ordinance says that can lead to distrust of the police, and make immigrants less likely to report a crime.

Craig Keller, with the website, which speaks out against illegal immigration, said that is the price to be paid for being in the country illegally, especially if the undocumented workers are committing crimes.

“It’s all part of the symptoms and not the disease,” said Keller.  “The disease is the deliberate breaking of the system and destruction of the law, whether it be local or nationally, and ICE deserves the full cooperation of local law enforcement.”

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  • joe

    Everything should be up to the training and daily truth discretion of trained party commissars, all laws need to be abolished and replaced with the will of politicians on any given subject in whatever way they see the wind blowing and whatever they see fit to enforce. The concept of a ‘Nation of Laws’ is for knuckle dragging Neanderthals and free for all is at hand.

  • guest

    I can't believe this!! The fact that they are ILLEGAL aliens makes them criminals by the very definition of the word! Get rid of ALL of them!!!!

  • OneAmerica

    CORRECTION: Juan Gomez does not have a "drug charge". As he said in his testimony, he was arrested after calling 911 due to missing a court date for a Minor in Possession (MIP) citation for alcohol.