Former police officer challenges firing following daughter’s shooting death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

carlile11MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A police officer whose unattended 3-year-old son found a handgun and fatally shot the man’s daughter challenged his termination from the Marysville Police Department recently, the Everett Herald reported.

Derek Carlile and the Marysville Police Officers Association — a non-profit organization made up of police department members — filed a joint grievance protesting his firing. The police department determined in May that Carlile’s employment with the city should be terminated following the results of an internal investigation that found Carlile responsible for committing a negligent act, endangering others and not promoting a positive image as a police officer.

After the ruling Carlile was offered a position as a code enforcement officer but he declined, the Herald reported, saying he loved being a police officer and couldn’t do anything else.

Carlile was initially charged with manslaughter after his daughter Jenna was shot dead by her 3-year-old brother after their father allegedly left a handgun unsecured in the family van in March 2012. However, criminal charges against Carlile were dropped following a mistrial of his case in November.

According to the Herald, an arbitration hearing is set in October to determine if Carlile could get his job back. Marysville City Administrator Gloria Hirashima told the Herald the city will stick by the arbitrator’s decision.

“The arbitrator makes a ruling and we will abide by that ruling,” she said.

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  • Guest 1

    If he were investigating the same situation where a civilian was involved he would be saying that the guy should be in prison for life for not properly securing his gun but he is a cop so it was an "tragic unavoidable accident"

  • Skip

    I don't know if these kinds of sad stories are occurring more often or if our 24/7 news media connections are making the public more aware of the events. It does seem to be happening more and more. Children are getting killed or even killing adults with unsecured guns they find laying around.

  • Guest

    First this is very sad and tragic; however is it my imagination or a majority of the children being accidentally hurt or killed by guns the children of police officers? The same guys that will still have their guns if the anti gun groups get their way and get guns outlawed.

  • Just Sayin

    First and foremost I feel for the family..nobody should lose a child to something so awful. But, to give this man, whom we are supposed to trust to protect us, his job back would be a crime of its own. How would we be able to feel safe knowing that there is an officer patrolling our streets and keeping us "safe" when he didn't protect his own family. He may not have been found guilty of manslaughter due to "mistrial" (figures), but he should not, in any way shape or form, be allowed back on our streets. I am sorry if my opinions or feelings or thoughts or words offend anyone, that is not my intention.

  • Eric Buehler

    Nope, should not get his job back. Use and care of deadly force tools is a big responsibility. He has proven to not be up to the task. End of story as a police officer. He can move on and become something else, maybe even better.

  • Seattle Libtard

    Look at all these high and mighty humans sitting upon their throne of self righteousness. Since you all like to compare what he would do if the situation was reversed… if he had been any other person in our society: 1) we would not be talking about this; the father/family would be able to grieve in peace without it being on the news 2) the person wouldn't have lost their job especially when the criminal case is dismissed.

    We have become a society where we must sue and charge everyone even when it was clearly an accident.

    Just like many I grew up around guns laying around unsecured. This was a freak accident and no one is being punished more than HE is. Why does he need additional punishment. He will continue to receive his punishment until the day he dies.

    Just because one is a police officer that doesn't they give up all of THEIR rights as citizens.

    But because people hate cops and want to get back at him, you're going to use this to go after him.

    He deserves equal treatment despie his job. His job had nothing to do with what happened.

    • Guest

      Yes he is claiming accident, however as I stated if he were investigating a normal civilian in the exact same situation he would be pushing for a manslaughter charg and conviction.

    • Tiffany

      Please tell me you're kidding. High and mighty? For expecting an ADULT who is a trained POLICE OFFICER to have exceptional knowledge of the misuse of handguns? Those poor children had no idea what that thing was and were at complete mercy to the intelligence (or unintelligence) of their parents. He FAILED them and he knew better. There is NO excuse to own a handgun and not be responsible with it, especially when there are small children around. He has no leg to stand on and he should be punished accordingly. I wonder if you'd feel this much sympathy if his 3 year old had shot YOUR child.